Strategies “Row of numbers” and “Ladder


You will never believe it, but the essence of this strategy is to place bets in 1xBet registration from a series of numbers.

Let’s go deeper:

  • We decide how much we want to earn;
  • We divide the desired amount into many equal parts, advise by twenty to thirty – this is the net profit that we should receive from each bet (as in a fixed profit strategy). If we want to earn a thousand, twenty parts of fifty rubles will come out – we write down the number fifty in a row twenty times;
  • We put on a coefficient of at least 2;

We determine the size of the initial bet according to the formula Р=П÷(К−1):
P – the size of the bet;
P – net profit from each bet (fifty rubles);
K – coefficient;

We determine the size of all the following bets according to the formula Р=(Н1+Н2)÷(К−1):
P – the size of the bet;
Ch1 is the first number in the row;
Ch2 is the last number in the row;
K – coefficient;

If the bet does not pass, write down its size at the end of the row;

If the bet passes, we cross out the first and last numbers from the row.

Compared to the Martingale, this strategy does not hit your pocket so hard: in theory, the stakes in it are not endless in theory and in practice they do not run into limits, and the problems of the fixed profit strategy are compensated by the fact that we bet larger amounts on a high coefficient and win back faster.


Strategy “Ladder”

In short, the essence of the strategy is to put the winnings from it on the next one after the first winning bet. Let’s go in order:

  • Choose the size of the initial bet;
  • We decide how much we want to reach. Five to ten times the initial bet is a normal option;
  • We bet on low odds in the region of 1.1–1.3;
  • If the bet passes, we spend all the winnings from it on the next one;
  • When we lose or reach the amount we wanted, we start over from the initial bet.

It is safe to play Ladder because: 1) only the initial amount of the bet is always in circulation, and we take everything else from winnings; 2) we bet on low odds and a high probability of winning.

The disadvantage of the strategy is that it is not always possible to reach the required amount – even low odds do not always pass (therefore, it is dangerous to bet on them with ordinary singles or express bets without any tactics).

In order to make money faster on the strategy, it was improved and two new ones were invented: 1) “Growing wild boars”, when we use several “ladders” in parallel, and 2) “Snowball”, when we bet on coefficients of about 1.5. In addition, for greater efficiency, we can set aside some percentage of the winnings.

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