Stomping the 5 Myths in Office Cleaning


Office cleaning often goes unnoticed, as businesses tend to focus more on the sales and marketing aspect of their operations than the cleanliness of their workplace. However, keeping an office clean is as important as any role in the workplace as it provides a healthy, sanitized space for employees, partners, and visitors to get work done in.

Cleanliness has become a standard for many businesses – even those that do not have rigorous cleaning standards such as dining establishments and hospitals. Still, your retail office requires upkeep every now and then.

Keeping your office clean contributes to the level of professionalism and productivity around the workplace. In this article, we’re stomping the five most frequently misunderstood myths on office cleaning. For all your office cleaning needs, check our Luce Office for top-quality services at a competitive rate:

1. MYTH: The office doesn’t need daily cleaning.

You may think that your office doesn’t require daily cleaning as it may not have the same sanitary requirements as a restaurant or hospital, but daily cleaning is an essential aspect of your office operations.

Your corporate satellite office may not experience the high foot traffic that malls and other commercial spaces do, but the workplace gets its fair share of dust and dirt from daily business operations. Daily office cleaning does not only get rid of the grime, but it also prevents illnesses from being spread around the office.

The office is an enclosed space, and germs can easily spread from one person to another. When one employee is sick, you can account that more will follow given that they share the same workspaces, as well as communal pantry, breakroom, and restrooms. Keep your workforce healthy with daily office cleaning services.

2. MYTH: The office can be cleaned by employees.

If your workforce is a relatively small size, then you may be tempted to delegate simple cleaning tasks to your employees. However, this is not a sustainable business practice. Regardless of how simple the cleaning tasks may be, adding them to your employees’ workload is never a good idea – especially as they were hired for completely different roles.

Instead, your business would benefit from hiring an experienced office cleaner. The office cleaner would be tasked with the overall maintenance and upkeep of your office so your employees can focus on their actual work without hindrance. Keep your office tidy, and lessen the stress of your employees!

3. MYTH: Hiring a direct office cleaning lady is better than hiring from a company.

Sure, hiring an office cleaner directly may seem like a cost-effective method of office upkeep, but have you considered the time, effort, and resources used to do background checks, interviews, and training? The cost of these factors may prove to be not worth all the hassle.

The reason for office cleaning companies being so popular with businesses nowadays is that you can be sure of the trustworthiness and workmanship of the hired office cleaner. The cleaning company has the proper resources allocated for background checks and training, so you can be assured of the quality of work of their office cleaning team.

4. MYTH: Professional office cleaning is too expensive and overpriced.

Unfortunately, this outdated myth stems back from a time when service industries were deemed as an excess expense rather than a necessity. Professional office cleaning services are not any more expensive than the cost of hiring your own in-house cleaning crew. Because office cleaning companies work on a business to business basis, they charge a moderate rate.

In fact, the cost of searching, interviewing, hiring, and training an in-house cleaning crew may be more expensive in the long run, and you don’t get the same security and workmanship as when you avail an office cleaning service from a reputable cleaning company.

5. MYTH: If the office looks clean, it’s sanitized.

We’ve all heard the myth “If it looks clean, it’s clean;” but that is not necessarily true. Germs, bacteria, and deadly viruses are all microscoping beings that can make us sick. Dust particles can be invisible to the naked eye, and grime can be the same size as the tip of a needle.

Just because the office looks clean does not mean it is sanitized. Office disinfection is a must now more than ever, especially with the global pandemic still ongoing. Keeping your office disinfected is a step in the right direction in maintaining a healthy office environment! Unavoidable daily needs.

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