Still Want To Camp In The Winter? These Warm Places For You To Choose


Winter has been with us for a while now, but do you still occasionally miss the warmth of summer? I believe the answer would be yes. Summer is also a season when most people will choose to camp, after all, the sunshine and warm weather will make people feel closer to nature. But there’s no need to rush to put your camping equipment and pop-up canopy tent into storage, even though it’s winter, you can also choose to go to some warm campsites in the south for a special camping trip. The following will be some of the best camping locations that can help extend the summer and keep you warm even in the winter. If you’re a summer lover and a camping fanatic, you’ll start packing your bags and getting ready to go after seeing these locations below.

Point Mugu State Park—-California

California is always one of the great places for a winter vacation, with warm and pleasant weather that is relaxing. Point Mugu State Park is located in the Santa Monica Mountains and is close to many popular beaches. There are two campgrounds, one is Sycamore Canyon Campground and the other campground is Thornhill Broome Campground, which is the best place for primitive camping. It is also equipped with portable toilets and coin-operated showers, so you don’t have to worry about personal hygiene.

Something needs to bring: Bring your portable canopy, which can create a completely private space for your camping trip. It can also provide double protection for your camping tent at night. The most important thing to remember is an emergency medical kit in case of any unexpected situations.

Death Valley National Park—-Nevada

Death Valley, the temperature in winter is very suitable for camping will not be too high as in summer. The landscape is extraordinary and unparalleled in its beauty, and you can visit the museum to learn the legendary story of the area. With miles of huge dunes, colored rocks, and canyons, you will also be able to see rare wildlife if you are lucky. You can choose to pitch your tent at Wild Rose Camp, which is also equipped with tables and toilets.

Camping tips: If you are going into this kind of campground whether you are camping or visiting, remember to always bring enough water. Make sure your car and communication devices are in good condition and tell your family your plans and return date in advance. Bring extra clothes and food, it’s always best to be prepared.

Joshua Tree National Park—-California

Joshua Tree National Park may be called a park but it is made up of huge deserts and rocks, including a variety of trees and towering mountains. You can hike in Joshua Tree Park where the temperature is not too high during the winter months, ensuring a comfortable hiking environment. What’s even better is that the higher elevation and dry air give a clear sky and a wide view of the stars at night.

Be aware of your surroundings: the species here are very diverse, and you should be aware of the presence of Cholla Cactus around you, as the thorns of this plant are likely to be attached to your clothes or backpack. If you are not careful, you will receive skin damage. Also, there are coyotes in the area, do not try to touch them or feed them, they are wild animals.

Everglades National Park——Florida

The Everglades National Park is located in Florida, which in turn is known for its mild weather. So the weather in the Everglades National Park can be very humid and hot in the summer, with plenty of sunshine and of course a lot of mosquitoes. You can see all kinds of birds in the park, as well as dozens of species of fish (not to mention the presence of alligators). In addition, you can explore the river by canoe or kayak, which is a unique experience in the Everglades. There are two campgrounds to choose from, but both require a special permit, so be prepared to obtain one in advance.

Follow the rules: Collecting plants and animals and feeding or harassing wildlife are prohibited in the Everglades National Park. If you are boating, keep your body away from the waterways for safety.


Traveling to warm places in winter can be a wonderful experience, and usually, the weather in these places is pleasant in winter. And the number of campers will be reduced compared to the summer season, giving you a chance to have a quiet camping trip. If you are already interested in one of the above camping locations, you can check out the respective websites for information. In the meantime, you can get all the outdoor supplies you need at Quictent to prepare for your next camping trip.

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