Sticker Paper vs Printable Vinyl: What’s the Difference?


The most obvious difference someone can come up with not having the background knowledge regarding printable vinyl and sticker paper is that printable vinyl has a glossier and shinier surface than sticker paper. That is just about it, but this doesn’t cover the professional curiosity someone might have around that concept and that is why you are here to find the difference between the two. So, without further ado let’s get right into it;

Printable vinyl vs. sticker paper

Printable vinyl has a glossier surface as there is no taking it back than the sticker paper and it is used for things such as cars, mugs, laptops, and other surfaces well which are not paper, books, or binders because this is where your sticker paper takes a pretty great shine. The best thing about printable vinyl is that it won’t get wet, tear down like a sticker paper does, or shade out of color but given the rough treatment, the design that your vinyl carries might start to deteriorate which in the case of sticker paper is plain tearing apart. So, if you are trying to not get your design wet or something like that then you are better off with printable vinyl rather than sticker paper.

Printing compatibility

When it comes to printable vinyl it seems that it is a lot easier and less investment-intensive to print. All you need is some printable vinyl with you, an inkjet printer at home and a design that you want to print as this will let the ball rolling. It produces some of the best high-quality images that carry the finest details and all of this dissolves into pretty stunning imagery that is beyond any aesthetical measure when it comes to printing. The images are vibrant, beaming with all this attention to detailing, and pretty lucid.

In the case of the sticker paper, the details are not that prominent and it is highly unlikely that you can come up with a solution for them using the home based apparatus, these are printed using commercial setup and that is why aren’t something you get to have a go around for.


If you have got the design or have made it yourself, then vinyl printing is going to be as cheap as things could get, all it would take from your end is an inkjet printer and the ink that would be consumed getting printing done on this thing. But in case of the sticker printing, it has to be done on commercially designed and treated paper and is not as cost-effective as you may want it to be. This definitely gives the professional props to printable vinyl as it is a more lucrative option if you are on a budget.


Printable vinyl is as cost-effective as waterproofed as things get, you can continue to spray water at it all day long and it wouldn’t do a thing to the design nor its integrity. But come to sticker printing and water is the most aggressive factor that could damage its integrity and make it tear thus adding up for a determined loss. This is all you need to know about when making your decision between printable vinyl and paper stickers, anyway, you can find out more here if you want to.

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