Staying aware of the risk factors that lead to divorce – Advice for singles


Researchers have been spending enough time evaluating how things work and what happens when things don’t work in a marriage. As long as the dissolution of marriages is concerned, legal experts and professionals have decided that there are several risk factors that lead to a divorce. 

Though there is a chance of hiring a divorce attorney in Columbus, Ohio who can help you with a divorce, shouldn’t you try to avoid the risk factors that lead to a divorce? Let’s check out a few red flags to stay aware of in a marriage. 

Most common red flags to stay away from in a marriage

Here are a few red flags that can save you thousands of dollars on a divorce and a broken marriage.

  • Be aware of extramarital affairs

Two of the most common reasons behind a divorce are lack of commitment or cheating by both the spouses or one of them. You’ll be rather surprised to know that these two reasons account for 75% of all divorces.

  • Your parents are separated

In case you were born and brought up in a household where your parents too got divorced, you will most likely be more open to filing a divorce. The same is also true for your spouse. Researchers believe that genetically-linked characteristic traits like neuroticism and impulsivity can be transferred to offsprings. 

  • Drinking habits that don’t match

In case you’re a big drinker but your spouse isn’t, this can lead to issues between the two. According to a research done by University of Buffalo where they researched couples who didn’t drink heavily and couples who were both drinkers. The research found out that the couples with mismatched drinking habits were the ones that got divorced even before their 10th anniversary. The number was less as compared to couples with similar drinking habits. 

  • Getting hitched either too young or waiting for a long time

It has also been seen that couples that get married by the time they reach their early 20s are more likely to get divorced. Even those couples that wait until they reach the age of 32 to get married are also the ones that separate after spending a minimum of 9 years of their married life. 

  • You lived in before you got married

You may feel that you already understand the comfort level of living together and this would help you do away with any further hurdles of moving in with the same person after marriage. However, things are different in reality. It has been found out that couples who lived together much before they got hitched had higher rates of divorce. 

  • Giving birth to a child either before marriage or within the first year

Researchers also reveal that couples who married each other after giving birth to a baby or having a baby within their first anniversary are more prone to divorcing each other. Couples that get married first and wait for a longer time to bring in children to their lives are more secured.

So, if you can keep the red flags away from your life, you can possibly avoid calling your marriage quits. Nevertheless, if nothing works, get a marriage counselor to help you out. 

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