Stay Warm and Stylish This Winter with Short Sleeve Hoodie


Winter is the season that makes us all look for inspiration to stay warm and stylish. Here are 5 tips on how to be both this winter with short sleeve juice wrld hoodie.

Don’t Underestimate Fashion Hoodies

Even though fashion might not seem to play a big role in keeping you warm, it can actually help quite a bit. Fashion hoodies are great because they are already made for winter with breathable fabrics, thermal lining, etc. Plus, there’s something oddly satisfying about removing your outerwear at the front door and revealing your cool outfit underneath.

Skip the Blazer

It might be tempting to pair your fashion hoodie with a blazer for that stylish look, but it’s actually not too great for warmth. Blazers are known to be quite thin and this means that they won’t keep you nearly as warm as something thicker like a parka would.

Add a Layer

If you aren’t ready to completely sacrifice being warm for style, it’s time to add a layer. Adding a thin top underneath your hoodie can be enough to keep the cold away while still maintaining your cool look. Of course, this works best with fashion playboy hoodie since they are already made for layering.

Wear More than One Hoodie

For the truly stylish and practical, there is no better option than wearing more than one hoodie at once. This is totally acceptable in today’s fashion world and adding another layer on top of that first layer only increases its ability to keep you warm. For maximum warmth, consider layering different types of materials like fleece over cotton if possible.

Add a Flannel Shirt over Top

For an extra layer of warmth that can be easily removed when you go inside, try adding a flannel shirt over top your hoodies. A flannel shirt is known for its ability to keep you warm and dry while also coming in various styles and colors. Plus, it looks like a cozy winter outfit even without the hoodie underneath!


These 5 tips will help you stay both stylish and warm this winter with short sleeve hoodies.

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