Start A New Hobby: Why Embroidery Is The Best Way To Detox Your Mind


Since the pandemic started, many people tried to look for the best ways to fill their time at home. Normally, people would go out and explore the city for some entertainment. However, since there are only limited places to visit during the quarantine, and because of the threat of being infected, people prefer to stay in the comforts of their homes.

Until now, even if some establishments are already open, it’s still a bit risky to go outside. Because of that, it’s more ideal to look for something to do inside the house that will relax you and give you some peace of mind. Some people choose to plant, while some try to explore their creativity by creating woodworks. In this article, we will show another option that you can do as a hobby: embroidery.

5 Benefits of doing embroidery

If you think that stitching is only for women, then you’re being misogynistic. There are a lot of men who are also into creating creative designs through stitching. If you want to have a more relaxing way to fill your blank schedule, embroidery is the best way to go. You can start with simple patterns and work your way to the most complex ones. Here are some of the benefits of owning an embroidery kit at home.

1. It clears your mind from stress

Embroidery can relax your mind and your soul. It’s an activity that requires the keen observation of your right brain and the creativity of your left brain. Doing embroidery is pretty much like destressing. You are relieving your mind with all your problems and you’re giving it time to recharge.

Additionally, when you are doing japanese embroidery, you tend to see different shapes and colors. These are known elements that can hone your brain to be more productive in making tough decisions. If you are too stressed to solve complex problems, try stitching for about an hour and your mind will be ready to face new challenges again.

2. It can train your mind to be patient

Unlike digital games and other computer-related hobbies, embroidery takes you back to the old days where everything takes time to finish. The process of creating a good embroidery starts from choosing the right patterns. Once you have it, you need to carefully stitch almost every dot that makes the entire picture. This alone is a great experience to train your mind to be more patient to wait before you see the big picture.

Embroideries are a work of art. Basically like painting, it cannot be done in one seating. You have to dedicate more time and effort to create something that you will be proud of. The only difference is that instead of a brush and a canvass, you use threads, needles, and fabric in embroidery.

3. It’s a perfect personalized gift

If you are looking for the best gift to give your loved ones, embroidered items are the best option. Aside from the fact that you created it with your bare hands, you can also choose a pattern that will match their personality. You can choose from a variety of options such as wall decor, personalized pillowcases, and even additional accents for their clothing. No matter which execution you go to, embroidered items are the best way to show someone how much they mean to you.

4. It can be used as a home decor

As mentioned above, embroidery items are great for house display. You can choose from a variety of patterns that will complement the interior of your home. It’s also a good conversation starter whenever you have visitors or guests. Once they see a nice, framed embroidery in your living room, you can talk about it all day long.

5. It’s the best way to upgrade old clothing

Do you happen to have old clothes that are no longer in style? Or do you have plain shirts that look too boring? Make these clothing more interesting by sewing a little embroidery. That old white shirt can be a stylish blouse with the right touch of embroidered floral designs. You can even add style to your jeans with nice shapes and patterns of embroidered artwork.

6. It’s a way to earn money

You can also sell your embroidered wall decors. If this hobby has become more than just a habit, it’s also a great way to start earning money. You can offer pre-designed patterns for your potential clients or you can ask them for a personalized design. It can be stitched on a canvass and framed or it can also be on any piece of fabric that they prefer. You can surely start a small embroidery business even when you’re staying at home all the time.

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