Spa vs. Hot Tub— Which One to Choose?


Fiberglass or concrete pool? Perhaps, the biggest dilemma a homeowner has to deal with when they consider constructing a backyard pool.

Next, is whether to go with a spa or hot tub. Are you stuck in this catch-22 situation?

Don’t you worry, as here in this article, we’ll discuss both hot tubs and pool australian spa, so, let’s read on to find out:

What is a Hot Tub?

A hot tub is a pre-fabricated structure that has a built-in water jet that delivers a smooth & massaging effect and is used for hydrotherapy.

It provides all the physical and mental health benefits you get from visiting a local spa and spending big money. To enjoy the benefits of a hot tub, all you’ve to do is visit a local pool store, get a hot tub, and call a professional pool expert to install it.

In terms of functionality, a hot tub is similar to a pool spa.

Since the hot tubs are prefabricated, they are installed above-ground, and as a free-standing structure.

All the key elements of a hot tub are housed within a dedicated hot tub cabinet, including both plumbing & electrical systems.

A hot tub offers greater convenience and takes up less space, but all at the expense of durability & customization.

Hot tubs are available in different forms, some have cabinets which are filled with foam, while others have insulation on the shell’s underside.

Hot tubs are typically popular among pool owners who don’t have the budget to construct an in-ground pool or their backyard doesn’t have much space. To double the fun of a hot tub, consider installing a patio cover to provide shade during the scratching summer days, protect your costly outdoor furniture, and let you enjoy some entertainment when you are in the hot tub. The patio cover can be customized as per specifications and expectations.

What is a Spa?

A pool spa is a permanent addition to an existing swimming pool. It is constructed from scratch into your pool and involves all the hassles you faced when building your backyard pool, which includes excavation, steel installation, pouring the spa surface, and finally giving finishing touches. It takes up to several weeks for the pool spa to be constructed. For custom features, more space and time will be required. Spas are built inside the pool, and cannot be relocated.

Since a pool spa is built specifically for you, it can be tailored to your preferred aesthetics. There is so much you can do with regards to the pool spas, right from shape & size, customized jet placement,  to overflow designs.

A pool spa can be built in conjunction with your backyard pool, so it can use the same pool heater, pump & filtration systems. Your pool cover with a pool reel can be used to cover and uncover the spa in a fraction of a second with a click of a button. Another difference between a pool spa and a hot tub is that you can jump from swimming into the pool right into the spa, and relax your muscles.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the difference between a hot tub and a pool spa is most massive to reach a clear connection.

Both provide a perfect relaxing spot to soothe your mind and enjoy a bubbly massage in the safety & comfort of our home.

To summarize, a pool spa is an extension of a pool that uses the same plumbing systems and is typically at ground level. On the other hand, a hot tub is a standalone structure which can be installed above or at the ground level. It requires a different plumbing system.

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