Soulflvr: A musical phenomenon in the making.


How far can you go for your dreams to make them right? Most of us will be tired after trying thrice, according to a trusted study by scientists. Some of us will keep trying till they don’t feel bored with the idea at all. But, very few are the passionate people who are willing to leave a well-established life behind to pursue the dreams that do not let them sleep peacefully at night. There is no doubt that these are the people we remember for decades for their passion and contribution to humanity’s development. According to our means, Soulflvr is one of such people who left a completely sorted life to pursue a career he was desperate to achieve. The name itself says about the passion for soulful music of Soulflvr. Please scroll below to know something more about this musical personality.

About Soulflvr

Soulflvr is a German guy from Düsseldorf town. He started playing with music and tunes the time he was only an eleven-year-old guy. After that, unlike many people, he dared to run for his dream, and a supportive enough family made it easier for him. Soulflvr went to attend an audio engineering school and finished his graduation from there. Once the college days ended, it was time for finding luck and making some money to start his musical career on his own. The talented soulflvr then started working for a company, and when he left the job to become a full-time DJ on Tuesdays in a Cologne headlining as one of the best bars in that area, he was the chief sound engineer of that company. But, he was not done with success yet. He was craving for something bigger and took the bar experience as a beginning skill. So, after that, he started to opt for opportunities that only a brave guy will go for.


Soulflvr went viral not very much time ago. 2020 is the year of blessing for soulflvr. He started to release pieces of music one after one, and each one won the hearts of millions of fans. The electric and beach fusion tune made everyone crazy enough to dance on his beats. You will listen to a soulflvr track on Dance floors, bars, parties, and almost everywhere.  Spotify, SoundCloud,, Apple Music, YouTube, and every famous musical platform collaborate with him, and they are promoting his videos on prime time and limelight sessions. You can imagine this guy writes lyrics from his heart and mixes them up to bring out the purest form of emotions from inside the listeners.


Currently, soulflvr collaborates with ani famous orchestral team named one violin orchestra, and the lead artist is Nora Kudrjawizki. The couple is playing a deadly combination of violin and DJ mix songs that are a blessing to the listeners’ ear. If everything goes right in 2021 and the current waves of the coronavirus pandemic slow down a bit, then we might see the duo performing together live for us around the world. They are planning to make an aesthetic fusion of classical violin with electric beach fusion.

Fans and following

You can follow the artist on Instagram with 3.6k followers. Also, he is available on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms. According to Soulflvr, he is a sad music curator who curates the most profound feelings through his lyrics.

Music Tracks

The latest track that went viral was named easy to love. Before that, Soulflvr made songs named in this life, slow tonight, right in heaven, about tonight, salvation, get off, and many more. The songs, as mentioned earlier, were released only in 2020.

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