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You can’t deny that social media is an integral part of our lives. Can you imagine 2021 without it? That’s why all areas of life require its participation. Nowadays business depends much on social media advertising. People spend hours a day reading posts and leaving comments on Instagram and Facebook, watching videos on Youtube. So It would be foolish to make no profit from it. 

Start with targeting. Social media targeting or advertising is advertisements served to users on any social media platform. Any business owner can base an advertisement company on people’s details they have on social media. Furthemore, platforms give an opportunity to test what works and to understand your target audience better.

Is social media advertising effective enough to pay attention to it? Absolutely! You get the ability to communicate with your consumers that helps to build trust and loyalty to your brand. You can make your audience wider by working with the influencers. A successful lead nurturing program will make your products recognisable. Do you want to miss these opportunities? 

The Best Two Platforms For Advertising:

1. Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most common and used social media network,  best friend of any marketer, because you can find consumers of all ages here. With billions of monthly users, this social media hosts over a quarter of the world’s population, offering advertisers an unparalleled chance to reach virtually everyone. There is no better way to promote your business as well.

When it comes to advertisement, Facebook may excel at lead generation. If you need an email address, this social media platform is the place to go, with several advertisers reporting costs below $ 1 per lead. 

Types of advertising via Facebook:

  • Image ads – the basic ad format. The most simple way to get started with your paid advertising and grow your brand awareness.
  • Video ads – more time-consuming but higher audience engagement.
  • Slideshow ads – is a slideshow of photos or a video. Still easy to create but It is really eye-catching.
  • Canvas ads – ia an interactive and mobile-only type of advertising. The best way for customers to engage with brands on facebook. A person can swipe, click, scroll and tilt the screen in different directions.
  • Carousel ads – set of images and videos with description and headline on each.

2. Instagram Advertising

Instagram isn`t yielding to Facebook when it comes to popularity. While the great user numbers of Facebook make it the leading platform of social media, the company’s hottest acquisition is starting to look like the king of social advertising.

Instagram now boasts over 600 million monthly active users with one of the highest audience engagement rates in social media, 57 % higher than Facebook and 2000 % higher than Twitter. Like Facebook, it is also one of the essential social media advertising platforms.

This platform is popular among younger audience but the amount of users is growing extremely fast every day.

Instagram has similar types of advertising like Facebook. And you can find IGTV as one of the relatively new options to use in your ads company as well. 

Facebook ads VS Instagram ads: Final Words

1. Comparing advertising opportunities on these two platforms, Facebook provides more detailed audience targeting while Instgram is easy to use for people who are just starting their entrepreneurial journey.

2. What content dominates in your ads?  Visual content is better to promote via instagram, without any doubt. But Facebook is more varied and perfectly fit for written content.

3. Influencer marketing is really vital for any advertising company. Influencers’ impact is growing on Instagram, where you can find any type of influencer your business needs: macro, micro, nano or mega.

4. One of the significant advantages of Facebook you can’t ignore is its optimized devices. While Instagram is for mobile users mostly.

As you can see, there is no best social media for advertising. The choice of platform fully depends on goals you want to reach.

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