Snacking- Why it is important and how to keep a watch on it


Jamaica has a long history of cultural integration under Spanish and British control, bringing African slaves to the island. Moreover, Indian and Chinese were also brought to Jamaica as cheap labourers. This melding of different cultures has incorporated a variety of flavours from all around the world in Jamaican dishes. This incredible fusion is most popularly appreciated in the snacks found here. You will get a gamut of food boxes in jamaica that offer unique snacking options.

Whether it is after a workout, for a middle-of-the-day boredom buster, or as a way to tide you over for the next meal, snacks are the first thing that comes to your mind. Snacks are defined as anything you eat between the main meals to ward off your hunger. If you are the one who loves munching around the clock and are looking for food bundles and snack boxes, look no further! From chips to fluffy muffins, cookies to smoothies full of fruit and nut butter, snacks variety in Jamaica have it all just for you.

Why is snacking important?

For many people out there, snacks are a normal part of their daily diet. Though snacking is associated with higher energy intake, it is beneficial when done right. Firstly, taking snacks between your meals will not let you get too hungry before your next meal and prevent overeating. Secondly, you can include more nutrients like calcium, fibre, and vitamins in your everyday diet by taking snacks, good for your health and overall well-being. Hence, snacking is undoubtedly a good thing when taken in moderation. After all, snacks are supposed to ward off your hunger between meals, not substitute a meal.

Further, to help you improve your eating habits and choose the right snacks for you, here are four snacking tips. Continue reading to find out how to snack with delight and confidence!

Top four most recommended snacking tips

Count for calories

Keep a watch on your calories! It is recommended to make yourself a plate instead of eating directly from the packet. You can also use a calorie counting app to keep a check on your snacking habits. It will be considered healthy snacking if it is between 200 to 300 calories.

Add fibre to your snacks.

When it comes to snacks, high-fibre foods should be your first choice. This will also help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, improve your insulin response, and give you a lot of energy. You can try mixing and matching a few high-fibre, whole-grain foods with your regular snacks and make them more healthy.

Snack mindfully

Well, it is advisable not to eat your snacks while browsing the internet, watching TV, working on a PC, or anything else alike. Otherwise, you will eat more than required. So stop whatever you are doing, have your snacks, and then continue.

Take it with you

This one may seem to be obvious if you love snacking. It is always in your best concern to carry a few packets of snacks with you in your bag so that you won’t have to turn to the store in desperation for cookies or candies. There are snacks available in small packings; you can check them out and take them with you wherever you go.

Some people often ask what the right time to snack is. Well, if you are pondering about the same before opening your favourite food boxes in jamaica, the answer is simple! It depends on your choice! However, most people prefer to take snacks between lunch and dinner; you can snack whenever you feel hungry regardless of how many meals or snacks you have already had. But do keep the things mentioned above in mind.

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