Slot themes that women love


The number of women that choose to play online slots at is growing exponentially. As of last year, the number of women playing slot games online stood at 39% and is likely to increase. That is a huge chunk of the audience.

With this number likely to grow, what slot themes do women love? How does one go about catching the eye of this section of the slot game populace? There are already plenty of examples for us to look at.

Historical women

History has no shortage of brave and formidable women. It makes sense that these historical heroes of myths and legends would become the theme of certain slot games, a way to tell these fantastic stories.

It also stands to reason that these icons would garner the attention of the female audience. There are slots themed around female heroes like:

  •         Cleopatra
  •         Medusa
  •         Athena
  •         Amelia Earhart
  •         Arawelo, the queen of Sheba

If some of these slot themes from history are unfamiliar to you, playing these slot games serves as the perfect way to familiarise yourself with these legends.


There is no question that the romance genre is far more popular among the female population than the male half. It is an incredibly versatile slot theme and that is why it is used so often. But that doesn’t mean that it is boring.

From dangerous love stories to fruit machines based around matchmaking, this theme is so vague it can be used in all manner of ways like in:

  •         Burning desire
  •         Immortal Romance
  •         Lady Godiva
  •         Cherry Love
  •         Beauty and the Beast

Romance is such an integral part of everyday life it is no surprise that there are so many different slot games themed around this sensation.


Witches in popular media are often portrayed as being female. Whether they are green and warty a beautiful seductress, women see themselves represented as powerful magic users all the time. No wonder so many online slots choose to feature this theme. If a person sees themselves represented in a piece of media, they are far more likely to engage in it.

Magical witch themed slot games include the like of:

  •         Dark Magic
  •         Tower Quest
  •         Bewitched Slot
  •         The alchemist’s gold
  •         Rich witch

It does not have to be Halloween for witches to appear in slot games. Women love seeing these magical protagonists causing mischief and you can’t go wrong with such a well- known premise for a slot theme.


There is no rigid set of laws to say that men wouldn’t love these slot themes, or that women have to. These are just some examples of what slot themes women tend to love and what you should be looking out for when designing a slot game for that sizeable chunk of your audience.

Of course, the only way to really tell what slot themes you prefer is not by what gender you belong to but by actually playing and experiencing the slot games themselves.

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