Slot Machine – Everything’s You Need to Know About This Gambling Machine


Slot machines were born from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. It is said that the current prototype slot machine was invented in San Francisco, USA. It has evolved into the most played casino game in 100 years since its birth. Now its modern form is slot online, which you can play at an online casino with an internet connection by using a smart device.

Essentially, slot machines are a gambling machine that uses coins or their substitutes. Some differences depend on the type of machine, but when you pull the lever, several kinds of symbols will appear in 3 to 4 small windows, and if two or more identical symbols are lined up, it will be several times as many as the coin you put in.

Whatever; When trying a casino game, it is casino etiquette to understand the rules in advance. Let’s learn casino games by introducing a slot machine, and thereby you can get comprehensive knowledge about joker388 slot machines, and you can easily play slot online games.

What kind of game is a slot machine?

One of the most representative games in casinos is “slot machines.” Since the rules are simple, it is a casino game that even beginners can play with confidence. Insert coins and bills into the slot machine and specify the amount to bet on the line.

Actually, you need to just press the lever or button to rotate the reel and wait for it to stop automatically. Dividends are determined by the symbols that are controlled diagonally or in a horizontal row, and when you press the clearing button, the coins for that amount will come out.

Basic Game Flow to Play Slot Machines:

Slot machines are games that you can play entirely by yourself, so you don’t have to worry about other players. This game is recommended for casino beginners as it is easy to get started without understanding all the rules. You can decide your stake yourself, so you can play from a small amount.

There are different types of slot machines. Some machines set a high payout ratio for big hits, and machines that set a high payout ratio for minor hits. We recommend a device with a high jackpot payout ratio for those who want to make a lot of money and a machine with a high jackpot payout ratio for those who want to play for a long time.

Things to Keep in Mind before Playing Slot Game:

Coin size and credits consumed:

Slot machines use a unit called “coin size,” and the credits consumed in one spin are calculated based on this coin size. Credits consumed in one rotation (one reel) are calculated as “coin size” x “number of bet lines” x “lines bet.” A line bet is the number of coins (magnification) bet on one valid line.

Therefore, the credit consumed at the time of max bet with the coin size of 0.01 in the upper slot is $ 0.01 for the coin size x 30 lines x 10 line bets = $ 3.

Dividend calculation method:

Dividends are considered in the same way. The three rows of “10” below are five times, but this is five times the line bet, so the actual payout is calculated as follows and is $ 0.5.

However, dividends may be paid on multiple lines, in which case totaling is required. Of course, the payouts for all slot machines are calculated automatically, so the player does not actually need to calculate them. As basic knowledge only.

Coin display and credit display:

On many slot machines, you can select the display unit to either “coin display” or “credit display” in “Option settings.”

Basically, it is recommended to use a “credit display” that makes it easy to see the increase or decrease in the number of chips you have.

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