Sleeper linen dress to easily become the jewel of your wardrobe


Sleeper linen dress redefining fashion 

Some would probably say it’s too arrogant to claim that Sleeper changes lives. Well, the brand definitely changes one’s view of life! Can, for instance, a single Sleeper navy linen dress do it? Yes, if putting the dress on just once makes you feel a bit more comfortable. But a Sleeper linen dress can do more than that. It is designed to wrap its wearer up in comfort anywhere: at home and outdoors, at the office as well as in the park. And on top of that, Sleeper is much more than just linen dresses. What can one find among the Sleeper assortment?

  • Sleeper linen dresses
  • Sleeper pajamas
  • Various accessories and more. 

What is Sleeper exactly? 

In short, it’s a brand founded in 2014, a dream that two young women Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa made come true. It all started with manufacturing walking sleepwear. By the latter, we mean pajamas fit for feeling comfortable no matter what the surroundings are, be it your house or meeting with friends. Since that time the Sleeper team has gotten experienced enough to create not only pajamas but other wonderful garments. The brand’s garments have been given prestigious awards and won the love of numerous celebrities. Among the latter are Millie Bobby Brown, Emily Ratajkowski, Rita Ora, and others. 

Dreaming about comfort? Better have dreams with comfort in loungewear by Sleeper 

It can’t be denied that loungewear by Sleeper has many fans. In the last few years, ladies around the world have come to prefer elegance to overstuffed glamor. And the members of the Sleeper team have really lent their pipes into the situation. 

Among its most popular garments, Sleeper proudly presents various linen dress models. 

Let’s take a look at the merit of Sleeper linen dresses on the example of several models. 

One of Sleeper’s most popular garments is the linen dress. Has it got any advantages over clothing pieces made by other garment designers? Sure! Besides, the design of Sleeper linen dresses varies, and so does the color pattern. For instance, there are such models on the stock as: 

  • Atlanta Linen Dress (in navy, lavender, blue Vichy, etc.)
  • Opera Linen Dress
  • Michelin Linen Dress and more. 

Suppose, a customer, for instance, wants to buy a Sleeper navy linen dress. In this case, they are offered the dress in several variants. Therefore, it can be an Atlanta Navy Linen Dress, Bosporus Navy Loungewear Dress, or else. 

What is so great about linen dresses by the Sleeper team? Let us see.

Undoubtedly, linen is immeasurably pleasant to wear! The Sleeper garments are really light and nice to touch. 

The design of every Sleeper linen dress may look plain but in fact, this simplicity serves to highlight each model’s elegance. The Belle Linen Dress, for example, is designed to make you feel Disney-nostalgia vibes. In such a dress any lady would love to dance at a ball! 

Sleeper’s linen dresses are designed to make people see you in the first place! The plain elegance of the design is meant to highlight your hands, neck, and waistline. For instance, putting on an off-shoulder Atlanta dress from linen a lady creates a playful but tender image. 

A linen dress from Sleeper is just what a woman needs to become the queen of any party.

More garments in stock besides loungewear by Sleeper 

Purchasing a Sleeper linen dress plus a feather pajama set makes the buyer double happy! 

“A party pajama set? Sounds interesting!” Meet the Sleeper Party Pajamas Set! It’s the brand’s best-selling model, especially the one in black. Read a little bit further to find out what the garment is! 

Who said that pajamas are meant just to sleep in? The Sleeper pajama set isn’t an ordinary pajama.  It’s what they call  nightwear-turned-partywear. Thus, one easily guesses that this feather pajama set is designed to become any party’s most noticeable outfit. Just destined to be glorified by true party-goers! 

The garment is made of lightweight textile; nice to wear, easy to move in! 

If you think that there is the vintage-based inspiration behind the pajama set – you guessed right! Vintage garments are trendy nowadays! Especially those combining vintage elements with the fresh-looking elegance of modernity. 

The garment features luxurious feathers which can be easily detached whenever you want it. Feel like dancing off some stress at a party? Make the moment even more memorable! 

Loungewear by Sleeper: get luxurious. Get comfortable. Be unique. 

The notion of Sleeper’s loungewear comprises quite a number of models! Which to choose is up to customers themselves. Sleeper is always proud to give you the opportunity of feeling true comfort. 

What does Sleeper do for it?

Using natural quality materials like linen. 

Thinking over the design most carefully so that garments could be fit for as many occasions as possible. 

Creating clothes that can be easily combined with whatever you already have in your wardrobe! Sleeper has never doubted the importance of caring about customers’ comfort and convenience to the full extent. 

What else can be said? Sleeper garments always sell like hot cakes so you’d better hurry up! Lots of models are presented in limited size and quantity range. See you in the Sleeper catalog, right? 

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