Skills and qualifications needed for a career in cybersecurity


Have you heard about the Healthcare data breach, British Airways breach settlement, Operation Lyrebird or Kaseya VSA attack in the recent past? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these cyber attacks, you must be aware of the growing threat to businesses, governments, and individuals worldwide. According to the Global Risks Report 2020, cyber-attack has ranked fifth in the list of top-rated risk of the year. At the same time, a survey conducted on small to medium-sized businesses reveals that around 66 percent of them have experienced a cyber attack in the past year.

As cyber-attacks are getting more targeted and expected to double in the next four years, businesses are focusing on cybersecurity by hiring experts in the area. Top tech giants are hiring cybersecurity experts on a high pay scale to protect data and networks from being tampered with. So, it is the right time for you to land the highest-paying job by signing up for a cybersecurity diploma course.

When you have learned the demand for cybersecurity experts, we will familiarize you with the skills and qualifications needed for a successful  Cyber Security Training career in cybersecurity.

What skills are needed to work in cybersecurity?

We have prepared a list of most-wanted skills for cybersecurity jobs. Let us take a quick look at this.

1. Problem-Solving skills

Candidates must have the ability to identify complex technical and analytical issues in the network architecture. Besides this, they must possess critical thinking skills to find a potential solution to a problem.

2. Technical Aptitude

As cybersecurity is mainly required in the technology industry, candidates must have the specialized knowledge and expertise needed to complete complex actions or tasks related to computers, devices or networks. This includes troubleshooting, maintaining, scanning and updating.

3. Knowledge of security

The most crucial thing about cybersecurity is that it is not restricted to computers or devices. Businesses run on cloud networks and wireless networks, so you must have in-depth knowledge of security to save network architecture or data from the risk of theft or being tampered with.

4. Computer Forensic skills

Even after protecting network and data safely and securely, it often leads to cybercrime. Therefore, candidates must have computer forensic skills to investigate and analyze techniques to gather evidence from a device to present in the court of law.

5. Understanding of hacking

A cybersecurity expert needs to be an ethical hacker in the first place as there will always be a risk of a data breach or infrastructure exploitation. So, having skills similar to a hacker will help you save your organization from cybercrimes.

What qualifications do you need to work in cybersecurity?

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Science to work in cybersecurity. However, candidates can also take up a one-year diploma program in Cyber Security Specialist to become familiar with all aspects of cybersecurity. In addition, relevant work experience of up to two years can provide you an edge over competitors.

To build a solid foundation for cybersecurity, candidates can sign up for a Diploma in Cyber Security Specialist program in leading universities in Toronto, Canada. Apply to the program now to earn the required certification in the area.

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