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Because of technology’s ever-increasing influence on our world today, businesses must create and develop new strategies in order to remain profitable. Where once you may not have needed a particularly appealing website, in 2021, it is a requirement.

Singapore, as the heart of many of the world’s digital innovations, has produced several of the newest web development trends used around the world. Just as websites have naturally grown and evolved over the years, it seems that the 202os will usher in new changes and developments as well.

Currently, there are seven major Singapore web design trends that are becoming increasingly common in the global web space. These are:

  • User Behavior Tracking
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Horizontal Scrolling
  • Voice Search Optimization (VSO)
  • Longreads
  • Push Notifications
  • Minimalist Web Design

Let’s consider these seven major Singapore web design trends in detail and what they offer both the company as well as the user that engages in them.

User Behavior Tracking

UBT amplifies research surrounding the user experience. Despite the current talks about collecting user data, the Singapore web design-based software has garnered a lot of attention in the tech world.

Conversion Optimization

We are also seeing an explosion in newer CRO tools, allowing webmasters the ability to easily monitor the user’s interactions on their site. This ranges from clicks, scrolls, taps, and much more.

Many of Singapore’s web designers have begun presenting heat-mapping for a user’s entire journey on the webpage. This allows companies to watch exactly how a customer navigates their site and interact with different elements.

Integrating these newer CRO tools can greatly improve a company’s insight into their customer’s thought process, collecting useful and beneficial data for web development.

Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal Scrolling is an innovative way to change the way we explore online spaces. The Singapore web design departments have developed a new standard for scrolling a website and consuming information.

In addition to standard scrolling, horizontal scrolling has become increasingly popular and is only growing in momentum. It allows users to experience more data from a company while also presenting it in a way reminiscent of book reading.

At the current rate at which users have flocked to horizontal scrolling, it can easily be theorized that, within the next few years, it will become the new standard around the world.

Voice Search Optimisation (VSO)

VSO has progressively become more and more vitally important as voice-based software has emerged. With the increasing popularity of Siri and Alexa, VSO has begun to include itself in standard web development. Now, rather than being required to type out information, Singapore web design developers have begun implementing VSO as a very real method of using your voice to achieve the same results.

VSO, as it becomes more standard, will help online businesses increase their traffic and gain a wider audience.


Longreads allow for greater readability on sites. While they have been initially introduced a few years earlier, they have only begun growing in popularity in the digital spaces.

Longreads offer an easier way to perceive the information and represent it in an intuitive, easy-to-read fashion. They will include different images, animations, and icons along with text to help relay information more easily. They are ideal for large chunks of content, greatly improving readability and understanding.

 Push Notifications

While they have already proven valuable from their use with mobile applications, Singapore web design developers have now begun implementing these same notifications in websites and web pages.

What are these notifications? You’ve seen them every time you witnessed a page ask for your agreement to send updates. These new methods of connecting with users ushers in alternative ways a brand can communicate information. From announcing sales, to motivating an action, to simply updating on new information.

Minimalist Web Design

Rather than grow more complex with time, users are increasingly demanding web pages that are simplified, more intuitive, and easier to understand. The minimalist layout design does all of this, greatly reducing the amount of information a user is exposed to. This ultimately makes content comprehension quicker and less overwhelming.

While still using different animations and graphic elements, web designers have opted to keep them sparse and simplistic. Something that has shown dramatic and increasingly popular results.


Throughout the world, and particularly in Singapore, web design and web development are rapidly evolving and changing. As trends and innovations continually steer the public, more and more of the way we currently peruse the online space will change and alter itself.

These different designs all, individually as well as collectively, influence the way a customer interacts with a company’s online presence. By incorporating them now, especially before they become the new standard, you are setting yourself up for success by distinguishing your presence and image from the competition.

By following these insights, you will better navigate the current trends in web development and put yourself in a position to create a truly amazing website.

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