Simple Tips to Help Moving Day Go More Smoothly


Moving house can be an incredibly exciting time, but the moving process also bring its own set of pressures and inconveniences. Packing is a notable example, as things packed improperly can cause thousands of dollars of your most prized items ruined in the move, no matter if you’re moving interstate or just down the road. To ensure you don’t have to replace anything after the big move, we provide some great packing tips in this article to ensure that you quickly become a packing pro. Of course, for best results you should always work with a professional moving company to get your belongings moved as safely as possible.

Packing and setting up the kitchen

The kitchen can be one of the toughest places to pack up properly – there are a lot of very fragile items that you need to packed away with great care to ensure that you don’t end up moving boxes of ceramic fragments. Although the idea of moving everything you have might be at the forefront of your mind, it’s also a very valuable time to take stocktake, and the kitchen is perhaps the best example of this. Rather than transporting your mismatched and chipped plates, bowls and coffee mugs, why not start fresh? You’re moving into a new home, after all, so investing in a new set of dinnerware can be a great way to start strong in the kitchen. Something of a high quality like a Royal Doulton dinnerware set can help make your new place look even better than you’d expected, and it can also be awesome to serve up anyone who helped a nice dinner with your new plates and cutlery (along with a bottle or two of wine, of course). Remember, you’ll want your kitchenware set up as soon as possible so you don’t have to order in food for the first week or two, so this should be a priority!

Make sure your boxes are up to snuff

If you’re moving house you’re going to need boxes, and despite these popping up all the time when you don’t need them, they seem strangely scant when it comes to moving day. If you cant find boxes at local supermarkets (remember to ask if they have any out the back), then you can purchase strong, high quality boxes from removals companies and storage companies. If you don’t have enough boxes, don’t take that as a sign to cram as much as you can into what you do have – making boxes too heavy can mean they’re either impossible to lift or will break, completely ruining the box itself and potentially all of its contents, too. Knowing if your box is too heavy will just require you give it a few test lifts yourself. Just make sure to factor in other people carrying it – if you go to the gym give days a week, your strength levels are probably different from other peoples. 

All ready for moving day?

Whether you prioritise sorting through old and outdated bits and pieces from around the house or making sure that everything is packed immaculately, there’s a lot to do on moving day and it isn’t always easy. If you follow some of the above tips, you should be off to a strong start when it comes to transporting some of the more important bits which can help you save time for setup when you get to the new place.  

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