Signs That your Pool Needs Remodeling. 


Have you ever had that itch to change something in your pool? Whether it’s renovating the interior or updating the deck, there’s a lot of things you can do to your pool in terms of customization and personalization. From things that are just flat out annoying to the issues that require immediate attention, different pool owners sign up for pool remodeling services for different reasons. If you want to know if your pool is up for some renovation, check out these tell-tale signs that your pool is crying out to be remodelled. 

But what exactly is pool remodeling? 

Pool remodeling is a service typically offered by contractors to help pool owners renovate their pools. Pool remodeling has a significant aesthetic impact on your backyard, but it’s most important outcome is the improvement it has on your pool’s structural integrity. That said, pool remodeling is often done in conjunction with pool repairs. Which brings us to the first sign your pool needs to be remodeled. 

  1. Damage on the interior surface. 

Your pool’s walls and floors can be finished with either plaster, pebble, or tile. While these materials take years before wearing out, they are not indestructible. Over time, your pool’s interior will weaken and show signs of damage and dilapidation. Some of the most common indications are spalling, peeled plaster, blisters, stains, fading and discoloration in addition to calcium deposits, scaling, and even hairline cracks on the pool interior’s surface. There are different reasons why these damages can occur, but they all have one thing in common, they’re usually extrinsic in nature. On that note, they can be addressed by replacing the old interior surface with a new one, and while you’re at it, might as well choose a new surface that suits you best. 

Pool companies that specialize in pool remodeling can help you look into different designs and concepts and help you get various materials that will complement your pool’s looks and overall aesthetic feel. Pool plaster can give your pool a clean white look; pool pebble creates the illusion of natural stones and pool tiles emanate opulence and luxury. If left unchecked, these damages can lead to costly repairs, so make sure to be on the lookout. 

  1. Dated design. 

More than just pools that look like they belong in the ‘90s, the term, dated, could mean more than design and aesthetics. And while pools with old-looking tiles and furniture do deserve a makeover, dated, can also be used to determine the condition of the equipment. Pool equipment with dated technology can be more power-hungry and can even require more delicate maintenance and can wear out faster than ones with updated designs. Let’s look at pool pumps. 

Older pool pumps typically run on a single speed. While this can promise consistent results, using a single-speed pool pump might not be the most practical option. As its name suggests, a single-speed pool pump runs in a single speed setting once it’s turned on. Because they’re of an older technology, most single-speed pool pumps are noisy and have higher operating costs compared to those outfitted with updated technology. On the other hand, newer pool pumps are equipped with variable-speed settings. They do not only run on different speed cycles, but also come with a slew of modern amenities like digital control and energy-saving features. They could have higher upfront costs, but will be more economical in terms of operating costs. 

So, whether you’re staring at a pool with a dated look or one with dated equipment, you should consider having your pool remodeled. Talk to your pool contractor about it. 

  1. Lacking in features. 

Another reason why many pool owners decide to have their pools remodeled by pool remodeling companies is the lack of features. These features may be recreational or for safety purposes. Recreational features include anything from water slides to deck jets. Some pool owners even take these features to the next level adding things like rolling decks, saltwater generators, automated systems, fiberglass walls, LED lighting, fountains, and firepits. Others focus on safety features like a 3-sided pool fence, safety pool covers as well as door alarms, door closing and latching systems, and other isolation features separating the pool from the spa. These features are important not only for pool owners with kids, but also for those living with seniors. 

These safety features can easily be added by your pool contractor through pool remodeling projects. Features like rolling decks, saltwater generators, automated pool systems, and the aforementioned pool safety features can be installed without damaging most of the structure. This can be accomplished while adding slides, fiberglass walls, LED lighting, fountains, and firepits require putting up new structures that may call for basic pool construction. 

  1. Repurposing your pool. 

Finally, you can have your pool remodeled when you want to repurpose your pool. Say you’ve bought a house with a pool in it. The pool may not be to your liking or it may not exactly fit your needs. You can have your pool’s shape, size, and depth changed. Pool owners who are athletic and require a place where they can exercise can have their backyard pools turned into lap pools. Lap pools are a great way for pool owners to get some cardio and a proper workout. Others turn their pools into water therapy centers where they can enjoy the same amount of exercise without being concerned about the effects of gravity. Also, endorsed as a water therapy pool can help athletes get increased joint range of motion, but still making the ordeal easier and less painful compared to when doing it out of water. The warm water on a water therapy pool can also help relax the muscles and ease soreness after a long workout. 

Others change the depth of their pools and ask their pool contractor to increase the shallow areas, especially for families with kids using the pool. Not only does it create a safe space for the kids to play in, but it also allows adult guests and  swimming pool liner replacement to socialize without having to completely soak themselves in pool water. It’s a great place to drink while relaxing in the water. 

So, there we have it. We reviewed some of the signs that your pool needs to be remodeled. While it’s very seldom for a contractor to have a say in the pool remodeling project, ask your pool guy if they have any recommendations about your next pool remodeling project. For professional quality pool remodeling services, contact Valley Pool Plaster and find out why they’re one of the top-rated pool companies in the business. 

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Need help in telling whether your pool needs to be remodeled? Check out our list of the common signs your pool needs remodeling. Here we talk about everything from dated designs to repurposing your pool. For professional quality services, check out Valley Pool Plaster today. 

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