Do you love looking at the shiny exterior and polishing your car whenever you get the chance? You can’t stop talking about your vehicle, and when you are not talking about it, you are thinking about the same. You might wonder, is it normal to think about the car frequently? Well, worry not; you are not alone. Many car fanatics love spending the better part of the day with their vehicle. But how do you know if your love has turned into an obsession? Continue reading to access if you love your car all too little well.

You Spend Too Much Time Primping: If you had your way, you would want to spend all your weekends on the driveway cleaning up your car. You love getting down on your knees and cleaning under the bonnet and getting greased up. While your spouse is busy grocery shopping for the weekend, you want to spend washing the car and making it shine like a brand-new car. Whether you agree, it is almost like you are having an affair with the car.

You Panic About Your Car: The car is a prized possession for you. Therefore, you prefer not to leave it out of sight. Unfortunately, you panic all too often when you can’t seem to find where you parked the car. But, sure enough, you find it, and the car is undamaged. If you find a tiny scratch on the car’s body, you go insane and want to rush to the nearest service center to fix the problem.

You Have Strict Rules: Your car is not just any other vehicle; it is unique and, therefore, requires special treatments. For example, a car fanatic typically does not let anyone else drive the car because they believe no one is as careful. Furthermore, you would not let anyone eat while in the car. You worry that they may spill food on the car seats and that mere thought makes you uncomfortable. Plus, you don’t want screaming kids in your car; who knows what those little rug rats will do to your car.

You Celebrate Your Car: When you love someone (or something!), you let them know they are appreciated. Similarly, car lovers often name their cars and take countless pictures of their sweet ride. So if you scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feed and see several images of your vehicle, you know that you celebrate your car.

  • People even go to car shows to showcase their cars and appreciate others’ vehicles. One might want to celebrate GMC truck month during the whole month of March. Even though every month is their car month, March is when the Car lovers celebrate their love for the Buick automobile.
  • Specific colors and smells remind you of your car. Even when you are busy doing something else, you want to talk to people around you about cars. Moreover, you might have a wallpaper of your car on your phone.

You Research About Your Car: You want to know everything there is to know about your specific car models. When you take the vehicle to the service center, you hope to see how the repairman changes the oil and cleans the car.

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