Significant Divination Cards in POE 3.20 Expansion in League Start


After POE 3.20 Expansion released for a while, it is time for some Path of Exile Divination cards discussion, patch 3.20 introduced 10 new divination cards to the game. I wanted to go through what’s known so far and where these drop. A little bit of a disclaimer, this is based upon research and reports from other players, some of this might be wrong, although I personally believe everything that I’m going to say in this guide would not have too much wrong.

Dusty Memory

So firstly we have a Dusty Memory, created via using a Fracturing Orb, then we know nothing. There is barely reports of this dropping outside of Stack decks and various things like Alters so far, so this is something that is a complete unknown. If you know anything about a Dusty memories drop location, please definitely let’s have a discuss.

Alivia’s Grace

Secondly we have Alivia’s Grace. Now this divination card drops from forest themed sets, and it is moderately common, not worth much POE Currency. This one I’m extremely certain of this drops in Ashen Wood, Dark Forest and Spider Forest, also is believed but not yet confirmed to drop in Jungle Valley and Bramble Valley. The reason that it’s believed to drop from those is because of tags, one of the biggest breakthroughs in divination card finding that took place a couple of leagues ago was, when players started realizing that behind the scenes, GGG assigns various tags to different Maps. Now these tags then seem to indicate what divination cards can drop there, for example the Divination card, the Apothecary can drop only from maps that have Blood, Mage and Boss, as one of the tags on that map.

This is extremely useful in pinning down drop locations on a number of rare cards, because we’re able to form testable hypotheses, for example we’re able to say that Defiled Cathedral should drop Mage blood’s divination card, the Apothecary, then we’re able to test those and they turned out to be right. so Alivia’s Grace is Forest area as a tag, like the maps that we discussed before.

Auspicious Ambitions

Next we have Auspicious Ambitions, now this divination card was originally erroneously reported as dropping only from The Uber versions of various Pinnacle bosses, it now appears that it drops from Maven, Uber Maven, Searing Exarch, Uber Searing Exarch, Eater of Worlds, Uber Eater of Worlds, Uber Elder. And confirmation is still waiting either way on the regular version of the Elder, and the monster level 83 version where the Shaper is not present. Anyways it drops from the Eldritch Pinnacle bosses, not any Pinnacle boss, but the Eldritch one specifically.

Divine Beauty

Next we have Divine Beauty, which is a divination card that people were pretty happy to get their hands on in the trade with POE Divine Orb/Chaos Orb/Exalted Orb. This is not one of the rarest divination cards in the game but it’s certainly not common, it is something that you will see if you run 100 Maps. This drops from map bosses only, and this also includes Shock and Horror, which thematically might seem a little bit different to Merveil, but its body is the same as that of the second form of Merveil. As a result Shock and Horror is considered the best place for Divine Beauty drop.

This does also include the unique Maelström of Chaos, although in practice you’re mostly going to get this from non-unique Maps. This card is rare but it is not staggeringly rare. Now it’s also worth noting, this can’t drop from a Vale in act 1, this has a drop level restriction of 68 which means that only monsters capable of dropping item level 68, or above loot can drop this divination card.


Next we have Ever-Changing, if you’ve read a few track missions, this league you will have found this card. This card drops while you are inside a Kirac Mission, and it drops quite a lot, not worth too much currency.

Man With Bear

Then we have Man With Bear, this is confirmed to drop from any monster in the Cemetery map. It is believed based upon tags too, also drop from monsters in the Barrows map, but that has not yet been confirmed.

Finishing Touch

Finishing Touch, this one drops a lot if you play around with Betrayal, this one comes from interactions with Hillock during the Betrayal system, it can come both from interacting with Hillock in maps, and also from interacting with Hillock in a safe house. This is one of the highest drop rate divination cards around and will come up a very large amount of the time that you interact with Hillock.

Insane Cat

Next we have the Insane Cat, probably the one that those of you that are trade league players are most concerned about, worth more currency than previous ones. This divination card was speculated to drop from delirium bosses, like Fear Manifest and Omniphobia. After someone reported that it had dropped from Kosis, but they didn’t have even a screenshot, much less a video clip. As a result, this was considered to be just a mislead.

There’s also a new monster tag in the game files, Affliction, and this usually happens when there is a divination card that is being tied to it, so we thought there was a reasonable chance of it being Kosis and Omniphobia. But there are always some video footages came along that shows a scenes in Delirious Crimson Temple map where Omniphobia is defeated, and the Insane Cat drops. This was enough to personally convince me that this comes from the specific delirium bosses. I’m not going to fault you if you don’t agree, but for me this is now a solved card.

This card not only dropping from delirium bosses in maps, it may also drop from delirium bosses in the simulacrum. That one’s going to be a lot harder to demonstrate or buy poe currency, because you’re going to need to get a drop from your boss, at the same time as you have no other valid sources of divination card drops. But that’s something that may happen for someone over the next little while, but for now, i’m personally convinced this comes from delirium bosses in maps.

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