Should you use silicone teethers for your baby?


A silicone teether is a normal term and can include many teething items. These teethers are made of 100% pure and food-grade silicone. It is the same silicone used to produce kitchenware, food storage boxes, spatula, etc. It is 100% safe, toxic-free, and great for teething.

Should you choose silicone teethers for your baby?

Yes, silicone teethers are completely secure for your child. There are several misconceptions about silicone teethers, but the product is 100% safe, and there is no compromise on quality or safety.

Teethers are made using wholesale silicone beads. These are considered the best material for teething toddlers as they are extremely flexible, soft, and simple to care for and can be frozen too. Last of all, kids find it enjoyable to chew these.

The teethers are manufactured from pure food-level silicone. It is completely free from BPA and is odorless and non-hazardous. The silicone teethers are FDA approved and recommended for safe use even when kids put them in their mouths. The silicone industry has grown exponentially and is being used in several fields over time. Several teething products are being made using silicone, including teething necklaces, silicone teether rings, silicone animal teethers, and more. These teething products can stay with your baby anytime and all hours. You don’t have to stress about anything. You can let your baby play and sleep with them without stress.

Different silicone teethers:

There are several types of silicone teethers available in the market made from wholesale silicone beads:

  • Silicone beads only
  • Silicone star
  • Silicone animal teether
  • Silicone teether with rattle rings
  • Freezer teethers
  • Silicone ring teether

All the silicone beads can be put in the freezer. It helps your baby put cold things on their gum and get a soothing feeling. The best thing is that it doesn’t negatively impact when it is cold or when it warms up.

Silicone teething accessories have become quite a trend. You can choose wholesale silicone beads and make customized teethers for your baby to eradicate their teething pain. Other than this, there are several other advantages:

100% safe

Silicone teething accessories offer uncompromising safety. The rings and necklaces are made using liquid silicone overmolding beads, are non-toxic, and meet quality standards. These teethers are fully hygienic and bacteria-free.

Simple to clean

You can easily clean silicone teething without any effort. Just run them under lukewarm water using a mild soap. You can wash them daily if needed.

Better awareness and engagement

As the mum wears the necklace, the baby will make eye contact with their mom more often when using the teether. It motivates them to proper grabbing and distress.


The teethers can be used in their frozen form and at normal temperature. The soft silicone brings a soothing impact to the aching gums of your baby and gives it a relaxed feeling.

So, choosing a silicone teether is ideal for your baby during their teething stage. They are available in appealing colors, designs, shapes, and patterns. Pick the ones feasible for you.

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