A broken iPhone screen, which can make your iPhone useless and isolate you from work and play, is one of the few things that can be as quickly devastating to your business and social life. If your iPhone’s screen is broken, you might be unsure what to do next: fix it or replace it entirely. For this, you can contact iPhone screen replacement in Dubai. The following sections look at what choices you have for quickly recovering from a broken iPhone screen.


When determining whether to fix or replace your cracked iPhone screen, the three most important factors to consider are cost, quality, and turnaround time. You may try to fix your iPhone screen yourself if you’re tech-savvy. You may decide to give it to a professional at iPhone repair in Montreal or you may try to get it replaced.


New iPhone 5 screens cost about $59, plus $10 for a repair kit that includes all of the tools you’ll need to fix the device. Unless you live near an electronic parts supply store that sells them, you’ll have to order your package online. That means your new screen will most likely arrive in three to five business days (unless you pay extra for overnight or two-day shipping). You’ll also void your warranty and put your iPhone at risk of permanent damage. You may have seen a few “easy” cracked iPhone screen repair products on the market, such as Displex screen polish, but these products are only useful for light scratches and will not repair cracked screens. Toothpaste, Vaseline, tape, or some other fast remedy will not work. In reality, attempting to fix your cracked iPhone screen using such methods could cause more damage to your screen.

While repairing your own iPhone screen is relatively inexpensive, it will almost certainly take hours of frustration – particularly if you aren’t an Apple certified technician. In that case, you’ll void your iPhone warranty, which could end up being much more expensive than most repair and replacement options.


You can have a licensed repair service swap in a new screen for you if you don’t have the know-how or ability to repair your broken screen iPhone yourself. It’s important to confirm that any repair service would not void your warranty (many of the cheaper services will). Pricing for manufacturer repairs will range from $100 to $200, with turnaround times ranging from several weeks for manufacturer repairs to several days for private party repairs to only a few hours for local and kiosk repairs.


Another choice is to sell or trade in your cracked iPhone and put the money into a new one. Many companies are willing to purchase broken iPhones and will pay cash, gift cards, or store credit in exchange for them.

A broken screen iPhone 5S (16GB/gray/Verizon) can be traded in for $165, for example. A trade-in for an iPhone 5C (16GB/white/Verizon) is worth $100, while a trade-in for an iPhone 5 (16GB/black/Verizon) is worth up to $121.

If your wireless plan is about to expire, trading in your cracked iPhone makes sense because the payout would cover all or most of the cost of a new iPhone, which ranges from $99 to $199 on contract service contracts. And if you want to buy an iPhone that is unlocked and not on a contract, trade-in payouts account for a significant portion of the retail price ($549 to $649). Faster trade-in periods have also been implemented by certain wireless providers; you might be able to take advantage of those services even though your existing contract isn’t due to expire too soon.

You might also consider selling your iPhone with a broken screen on the private market, which can yield much better returns than trade-ins. On the private market, a damaged iPhone 5S is worth $231 based on our previous requirements. An iPhone 5C costs $140, while the iPhone 5 costs $239. These payouts can seem appealing, but they’re dependent on market value, which means you’ll have to wait for a buyer. Furthermore, when dealing with private party customers, there is no guarantee of protection or security measures to protect you from being ripped off.

Conclusively, it’s up to you to decide which form of cracked screen iPhone repair or replacement is best for you. Whether you just bought your iPhone, or you’re locked into a long cellular contract that prohibits you from purchasing a new phone at subsidized rates, it’s usually more cost-effective to trade in your broken iPhone and buy a new model.

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