Should you buy DonJoy knee brace?


When you choose a knee brace, you must be sure whether it’s suitable for the purpose. But, when you come across the DonJoy knee brace, it offers protection and support from lateral forces. You will be happy to indulge in sports and involve yourself in physical activity.

The hexagonal patella opening also provides stability so that you can move the knee freely. So, as you read ahead, the article will help you decide whether it’s worth purchasing the DonJoy knee brace.

How does a DonJoy knee brace work?

When you drive yourself to lead an adventurous life, there are greater chances of injury. Such an injury may occur when something wrong happens with the knee. But, to come up with the best knee brace, DonJoy has presented innovative designs to help athletes and active individuals to prevent and rehabilitate knee injuries.

The dynamic brace design actively addresses instabilities to protect the patients no matter what they are doing. The brand has come up with dynamic bracing with a configuration to offer maximum force to the tibia, thus preventing anterior movement. Now, let’s check out more about how the brace works.

Firstly, the anterior thigh cuff anchors the area just above the knee. Next, the posterior calf cuff anchors the area just behind the knee. Additionally, the rear thigh strap and the anterior calf strap firmly secure the knee’s position. These dynamic four points of leverage system provide constant protection and help reduce the strain significantly.

When DonJoy designs the brace, it considers a hinge design to take protection to the next level. With the patented force point technology, horse point is the only design that clinically proves to protect the ACL. In addition, the overall design also enhances the system to offer the most powerful solution to protect the ACL.

To understand how the braces work, it’s essential to know where injuries occur. Most of the time, the injuries occur when the knee is bent at an acute angle. As the person tries to stand upright, the risk of injuring the ACL will increase drastically. At this point in time, the force point dampens the knee joint extension and improves the performance of the braces. This function reduces the shear forces and reduces the strain around the region.

Now, if you’re wondering how the knee brace offers support, it is due to the spring mechanism. While the springs apply an increasing amount of resistance during extension, it reduces the time spent to extend the knee when it’s at risk. The brace also offers different resistance levels ranging from zero to six pounds to provide comfort. Ultimately, as per the findings, doctors observed that the knee brace was able to reduce non-contact ACL knee injuries by 50 percent.

Tips for buying the best knee brace

Before you purchase any knee brace, you need to figure out the level of support the brace offers. Next, you have to observe the size of the knee brace. Before making the payment, you can try the knee brace and check whether it’s too tight or loose. If you use a loose-fit brace, the knee is prone to injuries.

On the other hand, if you choose a tight brace, it can make you feel uncomfortable. When you are shopping online, you first check the rating and the features. Once you go through the customers reviews, you will know whether it’s worth buying the knee brace.

Finally, if you are unsure how to use the knee brace, you can check out online videos. It will be easy to wear the knee brace comfortably as you follow the steps. When you have some questions, you must not hesitate to contact the customer support team. Alternatively, you can go through the DonJoy knee brace while browsing an online store to be sure about what you need to buy.

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