Shoes Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet


There is nothing that can make or shatter an outfit faster than a fantastic pair of shoes. They are the most crucial accessory of all, the finishing touch to each and every look, and in certain cases, they might even be more vital than the dress you’re wearing.

The perfect pair of shoes is the ultimate investment since, if cared for properly, they may be worn for years and years to come. You don’t need a million different alternatives; all you actually need are a handful that is versatile enough to be used with many different outfits. If you forego the latest in quick fashion and pick instead for classic selections, you can be certain that you’ll be just as delighted to put them on in the autumn of the next year as you were when you took them out of storage this year.

If you use these shoes to build the ideal shoe capsule wardrobe in your closet, you will never feel the need to purchase another pair of shoes again.

1. White sneakers

Any getup may be instantly elevated to the level of stylish, polished, and laid-back ease by just adding a pair of timeless white sneakers. We have previously covered the fact that you are able to pair them with almost everything, and that they are suitable for use throughout any season. When you find a pair of ladies shoes that you like, it will be difficult for you to wear any other pair.

2. A pair of all-black boots

It is just as crucial to have a flawless LBB in your arsenal as it is to have a fantastic LBD. They are so versatile that they can be worn with almost anything, from a pair of jeans and a T-shirt to smart-casual attire for the office. Choose a pair of shoes that come up to your ankles and have a heel height that is comfortable for you.

3. Traditional slip-on loafers

The loafer made its debut a few years ago, and ever since then, we have been left wondering how we could have survived without them. As soon as you put them on, an outfit will seem instantly more put-together and sophisticated, and due to the fact that they are absolutely flat, they are a chicer option to a ballerina flat.

4. Slide sandals

There is nothing better than owning a stylish pair of slide sandals that you can throw on whenever the weather is nice and not having to give it any consideration before you do so. Flip-flops have been given a sophisticated makeover in the form of these shoes.

5. Knee Boots

The popularity of over-the-knee boots seems to fluctuate with the changing of the seasons. However, if you’re looking for a boot design that will never go out of style, how about these? one that stops at the very bottom of your kneecap. They are quite versatile, since they can be worn with anything from your favourite leather leggings to a short skirt, and they always add more to an ensemble than any short boot ever could. If you choose a pair of ladies shoes made of leather or suede, you can be confident that they are classic enough to be worn year after year without seeming out of place.

6. Neutral heels

There is nothing more stressful than knowing you have an important event the next day, like an interview or wedding, but realising the night before that you don’t have any heels to go with your attire. As a woman, it is a requirement that you own a pair of heels (that you can walk in) in a neutral colour so that you can wear them to any and all events that require heeled footwear. It is preferable to invest in a pair of heels that you truly adore rather than purchasing several pairs of low-quality ladies shoes that you will need to keep replacing.

7. Statement boots

When you’re getting dressed in the morning, there are times when, after you’ve put on all of your go-to items, you wish you had a little something more to spice it up with. This is when a pair of statement booties might come in handy.

8. Strappy sandals

You can wear a decent pair of strappy sandals with anything, from a pair of denim shorts and a T-shirt to a dress to a wedding in warm weather. This makes them one of the most adaptable types of footwear for warm weather. You can put them on, they have a lot of uses, and they will give whatever you’re doing a bit more “oomph.”

9. Sneakers with a sporty look

A pair of athletic and casual sneakers will be your go-to footwear choice for errands, walking the dog, and weekend activities when you don’t feel like changing out of your hoodie and leggings. Thankfully, they are not as harsh on the eyes as they were when we were in middle school; sneakers with a sportier aesthetic are on trend. Choose an option that makes your heart sing, whether it be colourful, neutral, or patterned.

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