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Smoke detectors are the devices that keep one’s house safe and other family members staying in the house by alerting them to any smoke. Fire can enter the house in various ways, and having such smoke alarms are very important in each house.

There are actually two different kinds of smoke detectors that one can find in the market, and these are:

  • Ionisation smoke detectors: Each ionisation smoke detector consists of ionised particles to identify any smoke in the surroundings. It consists of a radioactive material that is placed between two charged plates inside the detector. The reaction between the plates causes ionisation and creates current. When the smoke is near the detector, the current is disturbed, and the alarm rings. These detectors work when the fire is more and open flames.
  • Photoelectric smoke detectors: These detectors use light sensors and other lights in the house to identify any smoke. When the smoke enters the detector room, the light is blocked by the smoke, and the light reflects on the sensors and alarm rings, detecting smoke. These smoke detectors detect smoke very fast and early.

One cannot identify where the smoke will enter to install both the detectors beforehand for safety purposes. A smoke alarm is a legal requirement in every household.

What are the various benefits of smoke detectors?

Taking necessary precautions is the primary thing one should keep in mind. One should take care of their house and also about the other family members in the house. Placing smoke alarms will protect one’s home from fires, burnt out foods and utensils, etc.

Installing smoke detectors can have great benefits, and some of these are:

  • The smoke detectors can detect smoke faster. It can identify when there is too much smoke in the room. It goes a step further to detect when the room is very hot or has had an increase in temperature.
  • When there is smoke that the smoke detector has detected, it will identify and immediately notify the owner of the house when there is no one. When the smoke is detected, it will send various notifications. These are connected to a system that will notify the nearby fire centre and help one if they need it.
  • The smoke detectors will last for a long time when there is no new battery. These detectors are very reliable and have long battery life. The detector will also notify one when there is a low battery, or it’s almost dead.
  • These smoke detectors can detect which is the real fire and which one is the cooking smoke. This benefit will let one cook peacefully without any false alarms ringing.

The dos and don’ts of installing smoke detectors?

One must know where the smoke detectors need to be placed for the safety of one’ house and their family members. These are a few of the dos and don’ts that must be kept in mind when installing a smoke detector. They are:

  • One must read the instructions manual before installing the smoke detector in their house.
  • One should also check whether the smoke detector is an ionisation or photoelectric smoke detector or is it both.
  • One must install the smoke detectors on the ceiling, and if one wants to place them on the wall, they actually should be placed at a height less than 12 inches from the top surface.
  • One can install multiple smoke detectors for safety so that if one does not work, the other can detect and ring the alarm.
  • One must never put the smoke detectors on the windows, as there can be a lot of wind, and the smoke cannot be detected.
  • One must avoid installing the smoke detectors in the bathrooms, near the fans and in the garages.

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