Scent Marketing: 5 Reasons Your Business Smell Matters


Did you know that effective scent marketing can improve sales and boost revenue?

With so many marketing strategies and techniques constantly being pushed onto us as the next new thing we should be implementing, you may be doubting the effectiveness of commercial scent marketing and what it even is. We’re here to explain.

What Is Scent Marketing?

Using scent as a marketing technique is a unique strategy that involves using specifically chosen scents to help communicate your brand identity. These scents can be diffused throughout your business at customer touchpoints.

So, what are the reasons for implementing scent marketing in your business?

1. Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

A pleasant smell that reflects who you are as a business will create positive memories for your customers, meaning they are more likely to return.

This means that they will remember your store and have positive associations with it, resulting in an increased probability of said customer returning – and spending more money.

2. Increase Spending

Studies have shown that implementing a scent marketing strategy will keep your customers in your business for longer.

The right scent that has been designed to elevate your space will keep your customer from leaving as quickly, leading to longer browsing times, and you guessed it, increased spending!

3. Create Positive Customer Experiences

As humans, we are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell, compared to seeing, hearing, or tasting. That’s an enormous amount!

Because your customers will be so likely to remember smells to with high accuracy, this will in turn tap into their emotional response, linking pleasant smells to happy memories. And, logically, a positive experience will lead to more spending and a higher likelihood of customers coming back for more, which is what we’re always looking for.

4. Influence Customer Behavior

We’ve covered the fact that creating pleasant memories will lead to your customers coming back for more, but what about in the moment?

A bad smell will directly affect a customer’s mood, making them feel unhappy. A good smell, on the other hand, will help customers feel calmer, improve their overall mood, and lead them to be nicer to staff. In turn, this leads to higher spending and an increased likelihood of customers considering additional services and products.


5. An Underused Marketing Technique

Many companies still have not implemented the use of a diffuser for business purposes. This makes scent marketing a criminally undervalued technique, which is bad for the competition, but great for you.

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Creating a unique and positive experience that differs from your competition will help you stand out.

The Verdict

Scent marketing has been proven to be a successful marketing tactic, tapping into parts of your customer’s brains that lead to increased spending and customer loyalty.

With so many businesses not taking advantage of such techniques, now is the time to set your business apart and keep your customers coming back for more by using a commercial diffuser.

So, what are you waiting for?

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