Say NO to Alcohol and YES to a peaceful life


Alcohol has become part of celebrations for a decade. Everyone knows that it is harmful to health and this is the reason that it is considered illegal in many parts of the world. In the United States of America, the age of 21 is claimed to be legal for having a drink. Still, more than 80% of the students belonging to high school are involved in drinking. They are not just involved in drinking but highly addicted to alcohol. The decision is ours whether we choose to drink or not. Today we will discuss some basic information about the effects of alcohol consumption, what it does to our bodies, and how we can get rid of its effects. After this, the choice is yours whether you want to make an educated decision for yourself or not.

Generation of Alcohol

We commonly discuss that alcohol consumption is not good for health but how it is made. It is made up through the fermentation of different eatables like fruits, grains, and vegetables. Alcohol itself has many forms that are used for drinking, cleaning, etc. The process seems natural but it gets absorbed in our blood. From here, the core controller of our bodies means our brain and spinal cord get affected. The brain and spinal cord made up our central nervous system which is commonly known as CNS as well. CNS controls all the functions of our body. In the teenage phase, the brain is in the developing phase, and alcohol harms in a much harmful way by affecting the development of the brain. At teenage, teenagers should be concerned with doing something productive as they are the stars of the nation. At such early age, the consumption of alcohol will destroy their bright future.

Effects of Alcohol on Human body

Drugs use directly affects our central nervous system by slowing down its functioning. Alcohol that is habitually taken by many people has power of blocking all the messages that meant to be delivered to our brain. It changes the vision, thinking, insights, sentiments, and view of an individual. A little amount of alcohol may relax the person but a large amount destroys the health. People who are addicted to alcohol stumble and slur while communicating. The person becomes a disorganized and confused personality. Many people are out of their character as they lose control over themselves. The person who is high on alcohol thinks that he is walking but in actual he is not moving at all. This is the reason that driving after drinking is prohibited. When a person consumes a huge quantity of alcohol, it destroys the body parts of the individual. This poisoning of organs is termed alcohol poisoning. Early symptoms of this condition are:

  • Feeling lethargic all the day
  • State of unconsciousness
  • Feeling difficulty while breathing
  • Low blood sugar level
  • Seizures

Attraction towards Alcohol

Some people love experimenting and try new things especially teenagers, teen find drugs and alcohol very interesting. They develop curiosity towards drinking. When they drink, they feel less stressed. They think that they feel good and relax after drink. Some people start drinking to fit in the elite social community. Also, the movies, cartoons, and seasons show that gatherings are only enjoyable when alcohol is served. After watching such content, people start thinking that alcohol consumption is harmless to the body.  But there are many reasons that an individual should not get involved in drinking.

  • If your age is less than 21, you may get arrested as drinking is illegal. One can get severe punishment.
  • Drunk people are highly involved in arguments and fights. They start committing the crime to get some finance for buying alcohol.
  • Alcohol affects brain health and as a result, performance at the school and workplace gets worse day by day. Grades start falling. People who have been good at sports start losing stamina and as result, their performance also gets affected.
  • People, especially teens think that having alcohol depicts cool behavior. But it does not look cool at all. A person when loses control over himself does a lot of embarrassing acts in the public. He may throw away things or urinate in public.
  • Drinking causes bad breath and no one likes to sit with a smelly person.
  • Most of all, the biggest issue is that drinking puts our health at risk. People become highly active in terms of sexual activities that lead to unsafe sex. A person may die due to such harmful consequences. Drinking can cause obesity as well if taken in large amounts that further lead to heart, liver, and brain issues.

Get help; Live safe

If you are thinking that your occasional drinking habit is getting converted into addiction then the best approach is to get admittance at a detox center where your all needs will be analyzed. A counselor will be assigned to you that will listen to your concerns and feelings. He will understand your situation and plan an entire recovery plan that will help you in overcoming alcohol addiction. They will arrange therapy sessions in which your family and close friends will be involved. They create a recovery environment filled up with hope and positivity. The counselor carries out your treatment and evaluation on daily basis. He designs your living pattern, eating plan, exercise, and other physical activities. He also designs group therapies if needed. The detox center life is full of amenities where the individual is served delicious meals. The detox center is located at a captivating location like a cottage so that the person feels fresh. A person follows a completely healthy lifestyle at the center and the counselor instills positive habits in the individual. You can browse this site for more information Life at the detox center gives a new perspective to a person’s life. He is given an environment where he searches and explores his skills and views life with a positive perspective. The life that becomes difficult with addiction changes into life back to peace.

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