Rummy: The Different Types of Sequences


Do you know there are different types of sequences in rummy? If not, don’t worry! In this blog post, we will discuss all the different types of sequences and how they can help you win the game. We will also provide tips on creating these sequences and improving your chances of winning. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, read on for all the information you need about rummy sequences!

Rules to Make Rummy Sequences

There are a few different types of sequences in rummy: pure, impure, and mixed.

  • A pure sequence is also known as a natural sequence. This type of sequence is made without the help of any wild card jokers. 
  • An impure or dirty sequence uses at least one wild card joker to complete the set. 
  • A mixed sequence contains cards of two or more suits. 
  • The Ace can be used as either the high card or low card in a straight sequence. For example, A2345 is valid sequences. Play rummy online with real rummy players and entertain yourself.

Types of Sequences in Rummy

Every card, whether a face card or a number card, is important in Indian rummy games. You must understand how each card works and how to utilize it to your benefit if you want to win at this game. To further develop your abilities and comprehension of the gameplay, you need to keep playing practice games. Mentioned below are some of the major types of sequences in Rummy:

  • Sequence of low point cards

The lowest point cards are Ace, Two, and Three. A player can play a sequence with these cards as long as they are in the same suit. For example, a player can play Ace of Diamonds, Two of Diamonds, and Three of Diamonds.

  • Sequence of mixed point cards

A player can play a sequence with any combination of low point and high point cards as long as they are in the same suit.  An important thing to remember is that a player cannot play a sequence with cards that are not in the same suit. For example, a player cannot play Ace of Diamonds, Two of Hearts, and Three of Clubs.

  • Sequence of face cards

The most common form of the sequence is a sequence of face cards. A face card is any card that has a picture on it-jack, queen, or king. A player must have three sequential cards of the same suit to complete this type of sequence.

The Bottom Line

Different sequences are important to understand in rummy because they play a significant role in how you can go out and win the game. A sequence is a run of three or more cards in consecutive order, like Ace-Two-Three or Four-Five-Six. There are different variations of sequences that are important to know about. We hope that this article has been helpful for you in getting to know about the different types of sequence cards in rummy game.

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