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Royal Holiday Vacation Club Is Known For Safe Guest Program

Stress levels are high during the pandemic. Royal Holiday Vacation Club and their newly introduced Safe Guest Program mean that you can get back to relaxing on your vacation.

Staying at a Royal Holiday hotel or resort is as safe as staying in your own house. Offering a robust safety and sanitation protocol, Royal Holiday Vacation Club ensures guests that the only thing they should be worried about is what drink they are going to order next on the beach. 

Global Leaders in Travel Industry Recovery

The health and safety of guests is the Royal Holiday commitment. That’s why they have introduced the Safe Guest Program, to give guests the peace of mind they need to enjoy their vacation.  

The staff at Royal Holiday’s hotels and resorts are trained in collaboration with Cristal International Standards to offer the best in safety and sanitation measures. 

All of Royal Holiday’s staff know how to follow the proper protocols for hygiene when it comes to:

  • Cleaning guests rooms
  • Safely preparing and serving world-class meals
  • Filtering and testing the water you drink
  • Checking and sanitizing the pools and common areas
  • Enhanced no-contact check-in/out procedures
  • And much more 

With the pandemic causing travel headaches everywhere, health and safety should be the top priority. Royal Holiday Vacation Club has the safety measures in place to match the high-quality services they offer everywhere in the world. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways Royal Holiday keeps guests safe at each and every one of its hotels and resorts.

How Royal Holiday Keeps Guests Safe

  • Room Check: all rooms are cleaned according to the safest procedures and measured against international standards. The Royal Holiday team ensures A+ hygienic conditions on all of its properties. 
  • Food Check: servers and staff that handle, contact, and prepare meals receive comprehensive training in food safety. All of the delicious food at Royal Holiday’s properties come with a safety guarantee.
  • Aqua Check: Our staff constantly monitors drinking water to ensure access to the cleanest drinking water. Water safety protocols are in place, including daily recording, monitoring, and measuring of water quality. 
  • Pool Check: like the other safety checks, the pool check is no different. The water is checked and filtered to ensure it is of the safest quality so that everyone can enjoy the swimming fun. 

Safe Guest Program 

Royal Holiday Vacation Club implemented the Safe Guest Program as soon as they realized the need to keep guests and travelers safe and healthy at their resorts and hotels. 

The Safe Guest Program includes seven steps that ensure all guests are happy, safe, and remain healthy during their stay with them. 

Go over this 7-step program and learn how Royal Holiday safety measures are measuring up.

1. Happy to meet you: upon arrival, guests will see that the Royal Holiday has thought of everything. From disinfectant rugs to sanitation gels, temp checks, disinfectant stations for luggage, and easy-to-follow social distance procedures. 

2. Relax and rest: after checking in with us, guests will immediately feel the weight lifted off their shoulders. That’s how you know you are vacationing with Royal Holiday.

3. Enjoy your stay: with an abundance of safety protocols in place, guests will only have one thing to worry about: enjoying their stay. 

4. Delightful meals: Royal Holiday chefs have prepared sumptuous menus for every taste bud. Disinfected digital menus ensure a no-touch environment, and the tables and chairs are sanitized after every use. 

5. Fun for you: The whole family is welcome to have fun at Royal Holiday Vacation Club’s many resorts and hotels. Enjoy pools and plenty of amenities in a fun, safe environment. 

6. Come back soon: checking out has never been safer with no-touch express checkouts allowing you to avoid any lines, and conveniently located urns for you to put your keys makes the process even more streamlined. 

7. Where the magic happens: the Safe Guest Protocol at Royal Holiday ensures every part of your experience with them goes above and beyond international safety standards. 

Who Owns the Royal Holiday Vacation Club?

Belonging to Royal Holiday Vacation Club allows only their valued members access to over 180 destinations globally in 52 countries. 

Purchasing a membership is both easy and affordable. You’ll save money in the long run with an active membership and be able to collect points towards future travel perks. The total points you have access to depends on the level of your membership. 

There are currently five membership levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Royal. Simply contact a sales rep on their website or purchase it by following this link

Can I Cancel My Royal Holiday Membership?

Every guest will have the time of their lives at Royal Holiday Vacation Club resorts and hotels. Their guest service representatives, who are trained to handle any issue, will immediately address any problems. 

This is one of the fantastic benefits of belonging to the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. The company employs the same high standards systems across all of its locations. 

And with over 180 locations in 50 countries across the world, members have guaranteed safe and sanitary access to anywhere the travel enthusiast wants to go. 

Guests can rest easy that the same health and safety checks will be there to meet them upon their arrival and see them off to their own home, refreshed, relaxed, and recharged. Royal Holiday ensures you have access to the best deals and prices for all your vacation needs. 

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