Rose Burillo – Sunday Morning Cures in Mexico City


One of the best things about Mexico City for so many people is the nightlife, and these guys really do know how to party. This is all well and good of course but the result of an overindulgence of micheladas, mezcal and tequila is a bad head and a lethargic attitude on a Sunday morning. Thankfully however, this is a nation that understands the hangover just as well as it understands the party, and that is why the city will provide when you are feeling a little worse for wear.

The perfect solution to this feeling is food, and here are some of the go-to options which you will find on a Sunday morning in the city.


This is a popular breakfast dish throughout the week but there is no doubt that on a Sunday morning more chilaquiles are bought than on any other day. This is a meal with the perfect mixture of chili to sweat out the party, protein and carbs to get you back on your feet and feeling good. Chilaquiles are made using a handful of tortilla chips which have salsa added to them, made from tomato and chili. Additionally you can top the dish with white cheese, sour cream and your choice of chicken or beef.


Another weekend treat is barbacoa, which is slow cooked mutton that is rich in flavor and delicious inside a taco. There are some places throughout the city where you will find barbacoa through the week, but in the main this is a weekend meal. This meat is served in tacos but the stand will also sell the stock of the barbacoa which is made into a soup with chick peas and with some vegetables. Add some cilantro, onion and salsa to the soup, which will help you to get a nice sweat on. Once you have finished the soup, dive into the delicious and supple meat, for a great breakfast that will make you feel instantly better.


And finally we have the traditional Mexican stew of pozole, a dish which was introduced to me by my friend Rose Burillo. This is a perfect option for anyone who is lacking energy and feeling the effects of the evening before. This is a slow cooked broth made from chicken stock, in which corn kernels are cooked for any hours. Once the stew is finished you can add some shredded lettuce, radish, oregano, spicy salsa, lime, white cheese and cilantro to finish it off. This is a stew which will be hearty and filling, nutritious and most importantly, which will leave you fit to fight another day. This can be found throughout the city and the restaurant Casa del Toño is one of the favorite places for most people to get their hands on the delicious broth.

These are the best options in the city when it comes to making yourself feel better on a Sunday morning, when things have been a little bit heavy the night before.

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