Roofs: Repair or Replace?


You may have periodically observed a few things around your home that might indicate roof collapse. Among these signs are water leakage or water spots and shingles. 

After deciding that you will immediately find a solution for the said problem, you start to get confused about whether the needed solution requires roof repairs alone or an overall roof replacement. 

The question remains, how should you know which among these two confusing roof solutions is the right one for you? 

Find out what differentiates these two from one another by reading about them!

Roof Repair: What do you Need to Know?

If you plan to reconstruct or repair less than ten percent of your overall roof coverage, then you plan to do a roof repair. 

Most companies would recommend doing roof repair for minimal and subtle cracks, damages, or leakages on small portions of the roof. 

Some of the services labeled as roof repairs include fixing minor leakages, replacing missing or damaged shingles on your top, or patching holes that may be found on your roof. 

In your mind, you may already conclude that roof repairs cost much less than roof replacements. Despite such, one should not be ignorant about getting their roofs repaired as they must be dealt with carefully and adequately. 

For example, you must still choose a suitable replacement for a single roof single to avoid destroying the exterior look of your roofing or prevent any leakages from happening. 

Similarly, roof replacement companies may still come to your aid for assistance regarding the needed repairs for your roof. 

Overall, fixing these minor incidents or problems with your roof would be an easy and affordable thing to take. You would not need to save a considerable sum of money to have your roof repaired by professionals. 

Roof Replacement: Is it Similar to Roof Repairs?

As mentioned above, roof repairs would be enough if you are to fix only ten percent or even less portion of your roofing. However, if the damage exceeds the given percentage, you will need a roof replacement. 

Having your roof replaced would mean replacing the entirety of the structure, including stripping off the old shingles, which would expose the deck of your house. 

The process typically involves getting rid of the old materials, in most cases the shingles from the roof, before applying an underlayment that is usually felt paper to protect the deck against elements and water particles. 

Afterward, the new shingles for your roof will be installed on top of these underlayments. 

Other cases would require a much longer process, where different types of repairs will also be conducted. 

Examples include an extremely damaged deck that would need a repair more than replacing the whole structure. Although replacing your roof may be much more costly than regular roof repairs, it also has a fair share of good benefits. 

One of which is the longer lifespan that usually lasts for about ten to twenty years or more for your roof, which could save you tons of money from frequent repairs and maintenance. 

In addition, replacing your entire roofing may help you prevent further decaying of the deck or other structural materials that could fully rot out over time and may cause accidents among the family members living inside your house. 

Any symptoms or signs of rotting, water leakage or deck damage may be identified and easily fixed in no time. 

The major downside you are only looking at when talking about roof replacement is the cost and expenses you may probably spend on having your roof replaced. 

Roof Repair or Replacement: What Should I Choose?

Based on the listed definitions above, the answer depends on you as a homeowner. You must first run a scan or check around your house to know whether or not the amount of damage you aim to fix is less than the given percentage. 

If the problems you see do not require significant changes, then roof repair may be the answer. 

However, you must note that roof repair may cost you more over time through maintenance and constant repairs. 

In any event, before you decide whether or not only to repair your roof or replace it entirely, the following are a few considerations to keep in mind.

The Severity of Roof Damage

When trying to decide between having your roof repaired or replaced, the first thing you need to consider is the amount of damage or wear and tear that has been put on your top. 

Take note of the signs of roof damage, from visual impairment down to structural damage, such as rusted metal roof shingles or cracked asphalt. 

After identifying these things, you may talk to your local contractor or roof replacement company about these things so they may help you through home service and further understand what would be the right choice for your roof.

Consider the Age of the Roof

Have you ever considered how long your existing roof has been there? Roof replacements are advised, especially when the top has reached the average lifespan. 

This may ensure the quality and maintain the security brought by the current one. 

Throughout time, your roof must have undergone signs of aging or damage from water particles due to storms or other elements. 

Therefore, having your present roof replaced with a new one is crucial if you want to keep the quality and longevity of your roof.


Investing in roof replacements may save you a lot of money than repeatedly paying for the materials, labor, and other expenses from roof repairs. 

Over time, a roof replacement may save you a lot of money in repairs by preventing severe leaks and other catastrophes. In addition, if you want to put your home up for sale shortly, you should start saving up for a new roof right now.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your roof needs to be replaced or if you only need some repairs, please contact us immediately. Those interested in learning more about our roof replacement options may visit our website.

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