ROM Technologies ™: What Makes The PortableConnect ® So Revolutionary?


ROM Technologies ™ has revolutionized orthopedic rehabilitation thanks to its well-known patented orthopedic rehab device PortableConnect ®. The device, equipped with a suite of cutting-edge telehealth technologies owned and patented by ROM Technologies ™, has already made a fast breakthrough in the orthopedic world. 

An increasing number of rehab care providers and physicians across the nation include this ROM Technologies ™ solution in their orthopedic care routine. 

The ROM Technologies ™ PortableConnect ® 

The PortableConnect ® is an at-home orthopedic rehab device empowered by the latest telemedicine technology. The entire rehab is taken care of from the privacy, safety, and convenience of one’s home. 

So, what exactly is PortableConnect ®, and why are so many people from the orthopedic world subscribing to it? 

The ROM Technologies ™ Portable Connect is an ergonomically designed and highly portable (just as the name suggests) device mounted with an interactive touchscreen display interface. The device is designed to walk you comfortably through all aspects of your recovery. 

Once you sit on the device and go through a rehab session, PortableConnect ® will measure your range of motion (flexion and extension), track other key health metrics, and store the data in the device. 

And your physician and rehab therapist will access all this data through ROM Technologies ™ PortableConnect ® App. With the patient’s permission, they can visit the patient portal and inspect the data recorded by the device during a patient’s rehab sessions. 

This means that the therapist can monitor a patient’s recovery progress remotely at any time of the day by checking into the patient portal. And from what they see, they can decide if or not the patient needs any modifications or adjustments to their prescribed recovery routine. 

Another striking feature of this device is that if the therapist feels that the patient does need to adjust his therapy protocol, he can enter the required modifications directly into the patient portal. This means that the patient will find the prescribed modifications right into the device by the time he sits on it for his next therapy session. 

This also means the patient’s doctor can perform all the necessary communications between the patient and his rehab care team directly via PortableConnect ®.

We should also mention that the device facilitates live interaction between a patient and his therapist, where they can discuss follow-ups, medical check-ins, etc. This means there is little to no need for the patient to make in-person visits to the therapy center. 

In stark contrast, orthopedic patients who follow a traditional rehab routine must pay at least three visits a week to the therapy center during the first two weeks of recovery and 1-2 visits a week for the rest of the recovery period. And one hardly needs to mention that these visits are anything but convenient for patients who have undergone major surgery and are still to recover their full range of motion. 

Technologies Used in PortableConnect ®

PortableConnect ® uses several state-of-the-art telemedicine technologies (all patents of ROM Technologies ™ Solutions) to make the device helpful. First of all, it is equipped with data storage capabilities. We have also mentioned the PortableConnect ® App that channels all the recorded data into the patient portal and facilitates remote patient-doctor communication. 

In addition, the device also packs some other valuable technologies that collectively help progress a patient’s recovery routine comfortably and seamlessly. The Adaptive Pedal Technology of the device, for example, can automatically adjust itself following the patient’s recovery and the current range of motion. 

The AccuAngle is another ROM Technologies ™ patented telemed technology fitted with the Knee Angle Tracking Wearable that is part of the PortableConnect ® device. Patients need to attach these wearables to the side of their legs during each rehab session. 

As they perform the prescribed exercises, the AccuAngle measures the extension and flexion data and sends it to the device’s storage facility using Bluetooth technology. 

In addition to the above, the device is equipped with four built-in and well-researched Dynamic Therapy Protocols: Resistance, Active, Active-Assisted, and Passive. The therapist/clinician may advise the patient to follow any or more of these protocols for different therapy sessions. Or he can build a customized therapy protocol for the patient to follow. 

Some Important Patient Outcome Stats

In addition to helping patients complete their entire post-orthopedic care therapy from the comfort of their homes, PortableConnect ® also facilitates faster and more effective recovery, according to data collected from pilot studies.

  • These data/stats tell us that 50% of patients using PortableConnect ® recovered their full range of motion two weeks after surgery compared to only 12% achieving the same result using a standard rehab therapy routine. 
  • Knee surgery patients, on average, regain 112° range of motion two weeks post-op using PortableConnect ®, compared to an average of 99° for patients using standard rehab therapy.  
  • 80% of PortableConnect ® patients report suffering considerably less pain during their recovery than standard rehab patients. This means less use of pain-relief medicine, particularly opioid drugs with high addiction risks. 

How to Order the PortableConnect ® Device

Due to the device’s popularity, many orthopedic patients today want to use PortableConnect ® during rehab. However, it is up to your physician to decide whether or not you are the right candidate for the device. 

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