Role parks in a friendly environment:


Playing areas for the kids, relaxing places for the parents, and walking or jogging pleasant grounds in cities are much needed. The role of parks in a friendly environment not just sheds the little on eco-friendly atmosphere building but also community gathering and pleasant talking.

The recreation and adding more aesthetic or pleasing content in the parks (Parkų technika) not just hype the community gathering but also make them visit more to feel open and fresh environment.

Role parks in a friendly environment:

Parks also play a vital role in building an eco-friendly environment by not just providing environmental benefits but also entails many human-related benefits.

  • Air purification:

It is stated that one-acre trees can convert the 800 pounds environmental toxicity. The most common and well-known benefit comes from parks in the air purification in busy and toxic cities. The presence of green, trees, and plants clarifies the airs’ toxic gases and establishing the fresh oxygen for us to inhale. Not to mention plants and trees also absorb carbon dioxide and established oxygen systems.

  • Wildlife protection:

Greens, plants, and trees encourage the wildlife to settle down in the cities. The deforestation has caused much wildlife to lose their homes and shelter. To maintain the balance of the planet the wildlife converses towards the cities where they can have their food, a shelter, and a natural environment to stay.

In addition to that many people came to visit such parks to get engaged with the wild animals and to enjoy their presence and to see how nature flourish and make its way to us human.

  • Community building:

Mobile and the internet have made humans lay down on their couches and being busy with some nonsense social media. Parks are the places where communities can engage and flourish their communities’ culture, norms, traditions, and engagement with the people. Children can play with other children and can save their eyes from mobile screens. The actual relationship and community building can be enhanced via parks.

  • Reducing the urban warm effects:

The dull, dark, and concrete places are some of the causes of inclining the urban warm effects. The heat in the atmosphere is inclining because of the deforestation, making of bigger cities and avoiding the natural preserves to secure the life on earth. Even branches present on the walkways can reduce the heat effect from 1 to 5 ºC.

Luckily, even making smaller parks, implanting trees, and enhancing some green in our cities can decline this urban warming effect.

  • Physical and mental health boost:

When I said parks are friendly it means these are friendly in more than one aspect. Some of the benefits of parks are reducing mental issues, stress factors, enhancing relaxation, and declining depression issues. Moreover, parks’ jogging tracks and physical activities make the human even more not just physically but mentally healthy being.

Therefore, the role of the parks in friendly environment building is irrefutable. However, it’s totally up to us to reserve parks and making eco-friendly environment.


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