Revealing Your Lucky Gemstone As Per Your Birthday Month


Birthstones, in Vedic astrology, are believed to be the token of good luck. Yet, the prevailing modernism stops many from believing how these stones can really influence our life for good. However, if you ever get the chance to talk to astrologer online, or chat with astrologer online, s/he can tell about the energies that gemstones entail and why they are required for the human to gain metaphysical healing.

To simplify, the human body is a fusion of as many as seven chakras. These chakras seek the right kind of energies as fuel; so that they can function and help the body grow. Interestingly, gemstones can offer these energies to the chakras. As gemstones are the product of motherly earth having gone through various forms of pressure, they are said to entertain within them the energy needed for humans to prosper. Thus gemstone wearing is of great significance.

However, not every gemstone is for you to don. It is believed that wearing a birthstone as per one’s birth month, helps more than wearing a birthstone in any random fashion. So with that being said, we believe you must be curious to find out what your lucky birthstone is? Well, wait no more and scoop in.

January Born – Serpent 

As per Vedic astrology, Serpent stone used to guard the gurus from snake bites and in the present world guards the wearer against poisonous aka negative influences. Serpent stone is also very useful in helping cure diabetes. It is used for meditation and reiki healing purposes too, as it helps in resolving mind conflicts. If you try the stone for yourself, you are to enjoy a stable state of mind.

February Born – Chandrakanta

Chandrakanta is also known as Moonstone. This stone comes in a wide range of colours, including blue, green, peach and brown. Moonstone is the stone for lovers as it entices emotions, passion and physical drive. Chandrakanta is said to balance the human desire of wants and needs. It is also used in curing epilepsy.

March Born – Aquamarine 

Aquamarine, since time and memorial, has been worn by sailors as it is believed that it has a calming effect on the sea waves. The gemstone is also used for marital bliss and stirring spirituality. The gemstone allows the wearer a feeling of youthfulness, which makes him/her feel happy and enjoy the feelings of harmony, love and trust.

April Born – Diamond 

If the April born tries to reconfirm what their lucky gemstone is through his/her kundli report, the answer would still be diamond. The hardest substance that diamond is ensures the wearer, strength and invincibility. It is also said to cure neurological disorders, if any. Also, if you, as an April born, struggle with clarity of mind, you must wear a Diamond.

May born – Emerald  

The green coloured gemstone allows the wearer patience and grit. It is one of the most recommended gemstones for marital happiness. Emerald in Vedic science is hailed as the talisman of Venus. It helps in fighting anxiety, controls bleeding and digestion problems.

June Born – Pearl 

Pearl is one of the most beloved gemstones. It helps the human in fighting depression, stress, anxiety and tension of any kind. The aquatic gemstone comes in a variety of hues, and each of them has its own significance. Pearl is said to directly attract energy from the Moon and bring peace into the wearer’s life.

July Born – Sapphire

Also called Lapis Lazuli, Sapphire is a very rare gemstone. Sapphire too comes in a variety of colours and is handy in guarding you against your enemies. If you are dealing with any eye-related ailment, Sapphire is the stone for you. Sapphire also aids in dealing with stress and depression.

August Born – Ruby

Ruby, as per Vedic astrologers, is best used to counter agonies and anxieties. Ruby gemstone is said to be very protective in nature. It guards you against evil eyes and influences monetary gains positively. Ruby is a very powerful gemstone that adds to one’s vitality.

September Born – Zircon   

Zircon gemstone provides spiritual, physical and emotional balance to the September born native. The gemstone is said to bring one’s vision and dreams to reality. Physically, if you feel lethargic and weak, wearing Zircon will allow you loads of energy to accomplish any task with ease.

October Born – Coral 

A Coral is one of the most beautiful gemstones that reflect different rays of colours due to the water content in it. Coral gemstone makes the wearer creative. It helps him/her in countering depression of any kind, strengthens the memory by steering the head chakra, and adds to the wearer’s dynamism.

November Born – Topaz 

Topaz as a gemstone allows the wearer physical radiance and friendship. Topaz is a very beautiful looking stone that brings clarity to your thoughts. Physically, it reverses degenerative diseases and promotes chemical balance in the human body. One of the most profound benefits of Topaz is that it helps in blood circulation.

December Born – Turquoise

Turquoise is known for its exceptional healing properties. It ensures that the native wearing it brimming with overall physical fitness. It also heightens your immunity and eliminates pollution-related problems like asthma. Further, if you are dealing with problems like excess alcoholism, depression, high blood pressure, etc. wearing the Turquoise gemstone can help you.

What is your favourite gemstone? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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