Replacing Your Old Tiled Roofing With Colorbond


Your roof is a critical part of your house. It shields you from harsh sun, rain, snow, and dust. If it’s damaged or outdated, replacing it is inevitable. Otherwise, this can translate to a lot of damage to your home. Nowadays, most people replace tiled roofs with colorbond, which comes with many gains.

Let’s begin by understanding the roof replacement& repair indicators:

Tiles are durable and are preferred roofing materials for different weather conditions. However, your tiled roofing necessitates special care and will at some point show signs of damage. It will demand repairs, and you may have to replace tile roof to avoid further deterioration to your property. The indicators of roof repairs or replacement include;

  • Leaks under the roof tiles

Leaks are common in most properties. Tiled roofs are watertight, and seepage on the tiles may imply improper installation or damage. If you notice leaks from your tiled roof, seek help from roof repair experts. They will examine your roof and determine whether you need replacement services.

  • Crack& missing tiles

During rainy or misty weather, you’ll likely spot cracks on your or missing tiles. If your tiles are broken or missing, this is easy to fix and won’t cost much. However, if the problem originates from aging tiles, you’ll need to replace the roof altogether.

  • Ceiling stains

You may notice damp patches in your home interiors, particularly in the ceiling. The stains could result from leaks. Always examine your roof for stains and watermarks. You may also notice dark streaks on the roof and walls. These are warning signs of water seeping from your roof and shouldn’t be overlooked. If your roof suffers significant water damage, you’ll then have to replace it.

  • Musty smells

A foul smell in your home may be a sign of mold. If mold grows in your attic area, water moisture will likely penetrate your roofing. You can solve this by sealing the leaky parts. You should also call a roofing expert to inspect your roof and determine whether it needs replacement.

Is colorbond the best choice for my roof replacement?

If you’re considering re-reroofing your home, you want to choose the best quality material for the task. Colorbond is one of the popular roofing options and is favorite among many. Is it right for my house? It’s a coated steel roofing material and is very durable. It’s ideal for all weather conditions and can withstand heavy rains and strong winds.

Let’s learn of its benefits;

1. Long lasting& Minimal maintenance

Colorbond is less prone to wear and tear. It can withstand harsh environments and is termite resistant. Also, it’s fireproof, tight, and secure. What of maintenance? You don’t need to maintain your colorbond roof. The color bonds to the metal, hence no need for regular painting like in other roofing materials. Colorbond also resists cracking, chipping, and peeling, making it very durable.

2. Sturdy& Lightweight

Colorbond is ideal for different types of buildings. Whether your structure has no pitch or has a slight or steep pitch, colorbond works best. It’s also lightweight and is associated with minimal strain during installation.

It’s also easy to support the roof frame, which lowers installation costs. Unlike concrete tiles, the roof doesn’t absorb water, and you won’t have to worry about fluctuating roof weight. That’s not all, though! The roofing offers a high level of security against wind protection.

3. Water wicking& Collection

Colorbond roofing allows water to run off easily. The ridges feature a design that wicks away rainwater, thus minimizing the chances of leaks in your home. If you love harvesting rainwater, colorbond suits you best. It collects more water in your water tanks that you can use for your home garden or cleaning. Colorbond roofing is also highly absorbent compared to concrete tiles and other roofing materials.

4. Anti-corrosion

If you’re worried about corrosion, colorbond is corrosion resistant and holds up against various elements. It will also help cut down your power and heating bills. And this is because this roofing material helps improve insulation in your property and traps in heat in winter. Similarly, it keeps your home cool in summer, thanks to its excellent insulation properties.

5. Environmental friendly

Colorbond is recyclable and is commonly reused. This minimizes the environmental impact to building sites. What’s more? Colorbond is an excellent choice over tiles due to its fire resistance properties. It’s non-combustible and is easily sealable.

Do I need a professional to replace my tiled roofing?

Once you notice any signs of roof damage, contact roofing experts to assess the extent of the damage. In cases of major damages, you’ll be advised to replace your roof. Although repairs may also be an option, you may end up spending more on maintenance.

You can’t go the DIY way, though! It’s best to engage experts, and this saves time and money. Expert roofers have skilled teams to install a new roof rightly. This avoids issues that may be costly in the future. The professionals also have the right tools and equipment. They can handle the task efficiently, thus minimizing the risk of further damages.

Moreover, roofing experts offer quality services and will take less time in roof installation. This minimizes the inconvenience associated with roof replacement in your home.

Although many people shy away from engaging roofing experts due to the cost, professional services will save you a lot of money. If you don’t hire experts, you may damage your roof or install it improperly. This will lead to leaks and water damage in your home. And I presume you how costly this can get.

What should I consider when installing a new colorbond roof? 

There are various aspects to keep in mind when replacing your roof. First of all, your choice of roofing company matters is a critical consideration. Consider their expertise and years of experience. The firm should be licensed and should have installed various colorbond roofs successfully. The cost is also worth considering. I believe you want to save some bucks, and it won’t hurt to get quotes from different companies.

The bottom line

Replacing your damaged roof with colorbond is the best thing that you can do to your property. Although the cost may be high, it’s worth it in the long run. For excellent results, hire a reputable roof replacement company and enjoy having a durable roof over your head.

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