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How should you deal with the fuel of the car you are renting? Let’s see what options are offered for rental cars and what to do with fuel.


The options made available by the car rental companies such as car rental Houston under 25 are different: it is worth knowing them all to find the one that best suits your needs.

Usually, when you collect the rental car made available, depending on how much fuel is available,  it is always advisable to have the person in charge of the state of fuel make a note of the delivery form.

In the case of full refuelling, you can easily leave for your trip without worrying about fuel at least for the first journey and acquire full control of the vehicle and above all check its consumption.

Once the refuelling is finished, what should I do?

Can I return without filling up again, perhaps by paying the fuel directly to the rental agency?

If these are the questions you are asking yourself,  you must consider the options that will be initially communicated to you by the staff present at the counter to ensure that you do not have any unpleasant surprises.

Let’s see the options mentioned above.


The first solution relating to rental cars and what to do with fuel is one that involves paying for a full tank of petrol on the spot and returning the car with an empty tank.

This is an opportunity that is usually made available by low-cost car rental companies which in most cases operate in the southern regions of Europe.

Basically, when the rented car is collected,  the first full tank of petrol must be paid for by the customer, who however has the right to return the car even if the tank is running out, bearing in mind that there is no refund. for any unused fuel.

A single exception can be contemplated in the case of companies that guarantee the reimbursement of gasoline that has not been consumed but only in the event that the rental has a duration of fewer than three days.

Obviously,  the price for a litre of fuel is higher than the price that is usually offered by a classic filling station.

The rental companies that offer this option are generally cheaper than the others that offer the full-full option.

In short, it is not certain that one or the other possibility is always convenient: from time to time it is advisable to perform a quick calculation of the costs to identify the really most advantageous option.


The aforementioned full-to-full option is the one that occurs in the event that the car is collected with a full tank of petrol and then always returned with a full tank.

It is a fuel policy that has been adopted by almost all the companies in the sector in the past years: a current practice which, however, still meets the approval of many customers, who appreciate its clarity and transparency.

If the vehicle is not returned with a full tank, the value of the missing petrol is charged to the credit card, moreover with an increase that includes the service costs.

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