Rent a Car in Tbilisi and interesting places to visit in Georgia


If you are going to visit Georgia on vacation for about one week, we can suggest you the most interesting places in this country. You will be able to travel in Georgia without additional tests and quarantine if you have a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19. The country does it’s best to minimize the restrictions and make tourists use restaurants, cafes, hotels, museums and other attractions in the country. There are no mandatory insurance requirements for a trip to Georgia, but it is always better to spend some money on insurance and travel safely.

Renting a car in Tbilisi

To see most of the interesting places in Georgia it would be better to travel by your own vehicle. I can recommend to rent car in Tbilisi at GSS Car Rental company and drive through the regions of the country. They have a high quality service, clean and reliable vehicles. Check the company’s website at and choose a car you like most.

Places to visit

In this article we will not mention the tourist’s attractions in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi and its surroundings, because there is a lot of information on these places over the internet and tourist agencies. Besides Tbilisi there are other towns with interesting landmarks like Batumi, Kutaisi and some more.

There are not many great sights in the vicinity of Batumi, but the city itself is worth of a separate trip – wide pebble beaches, modern architecture, cozy embankment and a resort atmosphere. You should definitely see Mahuntseti waterfall and a stone arch bridge near it to admire the nature of Adjara region.

After visiting Batumi, I suggest spending two-three days in the Racha region. There are interesting caves and an ancient monastery. Due to beautiful nature of Racha, this region is also called Georgian Switzerland.

After Racha you can visit Kutaisi, which was an abandoned post-industrial town and didn’t carry any interest for tourists. Everything changed nowadays. A futuristic Parliament building and an ancient Bagrat temple were built in this town. Near Kutaisi, the Gelati and Motsameta monasteries, the Martvil Canyon, Okatsi Canyon and Kincha Waterfall, as well as the Sataplia National Park are great to visit.

The resort town of Tskaltubo is located near Kutaisi. The town itself is a therapeutic water resort with radon springs, except for many sanatoriums and business class hotels, there is nothing interesting here. It is worth spending the night here and after that continue exploration of Georgia. Near Tskaltubo there is a unique Prometheus cave. In addition to its natural component, the technical part is also interesting – the lighting was done by German engineers and together with the labyrinths and halls the cave looks very attractive. For additional entertainment, there is an underground river in the cave where you can go boating.

The mountainous Georgian region of Svaneti is worth of a separate trip, and if you rent car in Tbilisi you can explore this region more thoroughly, even an express trip will take at least two days. If you are crazy about the mountain nature, I can guarantee that you would like to stay here for 3-5 days at least. The tourist center of Svaneti is the Mestia village, where there is an accommodation, cafes, tracks around the surrounding area to the peaks, glaciers and lakes. Another place to visit is Ushguli in Svaneti region. You can get to this high-mountain village by 4WD vehicle from Mestia, the road back and forth will take a whole day.

If you start your trip from Batumi or Kutaisi, then on the way to Tbilisi there are several beautiful places that are worth visiting. There are two tourist locations in Gori for historical landmark lovers – the Museum of Stalin and Gori fortress with a view of the city and the valley of Mtkvari River.

Next stop is Borjomi – a resort in Georgia that doesn’t need an introduction. People come here to breathe the mountain air, drink healing water, walk among the waterfalls along the Borzhomka River and admire the rocks. In winter, you can quickly get from Borjomi to nearby Bakuriani resort and go skiing. There are several excellent tourist accommodation options and good business class hotel, Crowne Plaza in Borjomi.

Georgia is a great country to explore, where you will always find something interesting while just driving across the regions of the country. So, all you need is to rent car in Tbilisi and start your journey.

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