Reinvent Yourself in Retirement.


Retirement is often a milestone in life where many choose to take stock of their life to that date. Further to this, for many, it is a way to reinvent themselves and their lifestyle.

Personal reinvention is an opportunity to refocus on the things that are most important to you. For many, working for many years in the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a wage is core to where changes can be made.  For most, this is about slowing down, spending time with your significant others in your world. Additionally, this can be a time where you look to get behind your hobbies or explore new ones.

Pursue the retirement lifestyle that suits you!

Some may indeed value being able to work on a part time basis, for others it may well mean working towards positive changes in your physical and mental health. Others may indeed value above all else community.  An evolution in retirement living is available these days. Many retirement communities in the past often lacked the ability to have your own personal home and space. In addition to this, having added security and medically trained staff on site should the need arise.

Furthermore Retirement Lifestyle Communities like Aviva Communities, based in Victoria, Australia, offer resort style living for over 55’s at an affordable price. No more stuffy apartments full of dated furniture and feeling like you’re falling over other residents, these communities are expansive, modern and allow the resident to have their own stand alone home. Communities such as these allow for you to explore many activities that you want to engage in, and choose who you wish to do them with.

Activities in retirement.

There are so many activities you can spend your time with in retirement. What is the right fit for you depends on a range of things. Firstly, the things that interest you will vary greatly. Secondly, your physical condition may restrict some of the activities you may like to do. The sum of your experiences to date make you the person you are today. They may also help you define your retirement lifestyle.

Part of this process of reinventing your retirement should be to let go of that which you feel is holding you back. After all, you have nothing to lose.

Consider your habits, your methods, even the people you do not want to be part of your reinvention. Remove them from negative influences in your life, whether it’s a physical or a mental shift. Look toward your future with real passion and excitement.

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Never skydived? Perhaps now is the time. Consider making a list of exciting milestones you would like to achieve, then get to work ticking them off!

Taking a step back and focusing on what you want to do in retirement is the time to set aside practicality. Imagine yourself doing those activities. It may be taking a watercolor painting class, driving route 66 or using your time to aid a charity. Ask yourself if these are the sorts of things you would like to focus on doing as you embrace your retirement.

In order to reinvent yourself, you must be willing to accept that the path will take you all over the place. As long as you move toward your goals, you’re well on your way towards an exciting and rewarding retirement.

In Summary.

Changing the direction of your life sounds like a huge task, but it’s all about being able to make the necessary adjustments. What matters is what you have already experienced.

Reinvention is a process, not an event, and one that doesn’t end. As we grow and change, so do our passions. This is not different in retirement.

Some societies set an expectation that you should retire early and put the happiness of your family first. Do not lose sight that retirement is your time. Make sure you do what you want to do in this precious time, not what others expect! Embrace your passions, or dive into new ones.

Know what you want to accomplish and reinvent yourself in your retirement.

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