Recruiting the best temp staff with temporary recruitment agency software


As fast as permanent recruiting is, hiring temp staff is an even fast-paced job process. The pressure to identify, engage and hire temporary workers for clients can feel double-fold. And it is only with the support of temporary recruitment software that temp recruiters can reach their objective of placing the best temps staff quickly and efficiently.

What makes great recruiting in the temps space?

Temporary recruitment is all about fulfilling the hiring needs of companies that require staff temporarily. Generally, the vacancies come up suddenly and need to be filled quickly.

So, in order for temp recruiters to thrive, they must meet these two standards –

1. Quick hiring

Temp staff must be sourced, assessed and placed quickly to meet the demands of the employer. The majority of the temp jobs are for a short duration and employers usually have an urgent need for such employees.

2. Quality candidates

Just because recruiters are placing workers quickly doesn’t mean they are not vetting their candidates. The quality of candidates has to meet the standards set by employers. So, assessing candidate skills and qualifications is important, too.

Need for temporary recruitment software

It can be very challenging for someone who is not accustomed to the fast pace of the temps recruitment space. Now add the competitive nature of recruiting and the many recruiters vying for the same candidate pool. The pressure can truly be excessive for temp recruiters.

The need for strong tech tools and partners to help ease the challenges is high. That’s why temp recruitment agencies should find the best temporary recruitment agency software and other tools like skills testing software, e-signature tools, etc.

Each of these recruiting tools is designed to promote a better way of working. Faster access to data, streamlined recruiting desk, effective communication, and easier access to talents. Temporary recruitment software helps ensure that both the front-office recruitment work and the back-office recruitment work can be conducted as efficiently as possible.

Using the right type of temp recruitment CRM meant that recruiters could –

  • Work with a live candidate availability planner
  • Use simple online booking sheets to manage candidate bookings
  • Utilise the comprehensive compliance checking functionality
  • Communicate with candidates effortlessly through the automation features
  • Integrate with skills testing software to assess candidate suitability
  • Prepare extensive reports using the CRM

Temporary recruitment agency software provides all these benefits and more to the temp recruiters. Being able to leverage the power of this type of temporary recruitment software enables recruiters to streamline their hiring process from start to finish. It also facilitates a much quicker hiring process – talent sourcing, candidate skills testing and placement.

The ability to work proactively and be faster than the competition is what pulls one temp recruiter ahead of another. Working with the right tech tools is necessary if this objective is to be met.

Everything is online these days. So being able to quickly put up job adverts, go through the candidate pool, assess talent, engage candidates, plan candidate diary, go through the compliance checks, generate results, etc., and do all of these tasks quickly and efficiently online is a tremendous advantage in the world today.

In fact, it is something taken for granted. The need for good temporary recruitment software is real and should be taken as a fundamental part of running a good temporary recruitment agency. Melbourne who effectively recruit for and assist job seeking Personal Assistants across Australia

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