Recent Regulations Related to Slots Gaming in the UK


It’s a fact that banking, retail, and travel remain the biggest economies in Britain for years. However, the gambling industry has made an exception in this order and has become one of the UK’s significant economy. 

The British have a long history of gambling in line with a liberal gambling system. Within this framework, slots have their appeal with clattering coins, blinking lights, and thrilling jackpots – try Rainbow Riches.

UK is considered as one of the safest places to gamble in the world. The legalities and laws surrounding slot games and gambling provide players with a secure platform to bet.  

UK Slots Gaming and Gambling Basics

The legal age to gamble in the UK is 18 years old. The government protects players with rigorous strategies, whether they are playing online or land casinos. 

We are happy to inform UK gamblers that if they are lucky to win an immense cash amount, there will be no tax to pay on the return.

How does the UK government regulate the gambling industry?

The UK Gambling Commission regulates and licenses businesses or people in the UK gambling industry. 

The Gambling Act of 2005 is the prevailing legislation that provides rules and regulations to gambling firms. Since introducing the 2005 legislature, the gambling world has now stepped into the digital era. Most UK citizens have easy internet access, and online casinos have not remained a foreign concept. 

With the high demand for online slot and casino games in Britain came the necessity of laws suitable for digital gambling. This extensive write up will provide you with all the information relating to slot gaming regulations by the Gambling Commission. 

What the Future Entails For Slot Gaming

In July 2020, the UKGC reviewed consumer safety with a working group and casino designers. Even UK residents could speak their minds on the Commission’s official website. 

The group plan some suggestion for online slot gaming, which include;

  •         Slower spins that will reduce games speed
  •         Restriction on split-screen games
  •         One slot per account at a time
  •         Limitations on stakes and sum of prizes
  •         Specific Time frames for games
  •         The categorisation of games in terms of addictive qualities 
  •         Permanent restriction on reverse withdrawals 

In addition to the slot design suggestion, the UKGC also restricts credit cards for gambling and makes it mandatory for online casinos to confirm players’ age manually. 

New Codes for Slot Gaming

The code that was planned to be published in September includes 

  •         All slot games spinning speed will be a minimum of 2.5. 
  •         Removal of game-related functions, such as turbo buttons and Slam Stops
  •         Restricting split-screen slots that are related to potential power loss
  •         Developing a more comprehensive work plan, including in-game message and establishing a “Betting and Gaming Board Council Testing Lab” to explore other game features.

Final Verdict on Slots Gaming 2021

The new regulations proposed by the Gambling Commission altered the gambling operator focus. The emphasis is more on safety and responsible gambling than features. 

The new laws are a massive change, and it will take time for both providers and customers to adapt. Stay up to date with the Gambling Commission’s new rules and news to know the latest happenings.

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