Reasons Why You Should Use a Clinical Strength Deodorant


To be honest, there’s no such thing as a clinical strength deodorant. Deodorants only mask uncomfortable B.O., whereas clinical strength antiperspirants keep you from sweating altogether. Those are usually a lot more effective than simple deodorants and help you to get rid of excessive sweating. Here is a bunch of good reasons why you should use a clinical strength antiperspirant.

It can handle hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a condition with which people sweat uncontrollably without any reason. Usually, you’d sweat during physical activity or on hot summer days. A person with hyperhidrosis on the other hand sweats without physical activity or also with very little physical activity. Little physical activity doesn’t make a normal person who’s unaffected by hyperhidrosis break a sweat – with sweat pearls on the forehead and large wet spots under the armpits. The same goes for moderate temperatures that don’t usually make you sweat as if you’ve been on a run for your life.

Hyperhidrosis is currently considered a genetic condition as researchers haven’t found any other cause for primary hyperhidrosis. However, changes in your hormone levels such as during menopause or with thyroid troubles can lead to so-called secondary hyperhidrosis. That means, hyperhidrosis is just a symptom of changes within your body. 

A simple deodorant doesn’t help to keep hyperhidrosis in check. Though the sweat doesn’t start to smell funny, you’d still have to deal with unsightly wet spots under your armpits. The best antiperspirant for excessive sweating will keep also those in check.

It keeps sweat spots at bay

Sweating is normal and it intends to keep your body temperature down during physical activity or also in summer. As with hyperhidrosis, you’d also end up with wet spots on your clothes.

If you’d like to keep those at bay, your best bet is the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating. Contrary to simple deodorant antiperspirants react with your sweat to form a gel that works as a plug for your hair follicles. The hair follicles on your armpit area where sweat comes from. If the sweat can’t come out, you will not sweat. Thus, wet spots on your clothes are a thing of the past. 

They are more effective than other over-the-counter formulas

The best antiperspirant for excessive sweating is of clinical strength. Traditional over-the-counter antiperspirants are not of clinical strength and thus not as effective. A clinical strength formula, however, contains a higher concentration of active ingredients to keep you from sweating. Usually, you’d get antiperspirants with clinical strength only with a prescription. But there are products on the market now that are as well of clinical strength. Read the product packaging carefully to make sure it’s of clinical strength when choosing an antiperspirant.

Stronger than a simple deodorant

Some deodorants lack antibacterial properties and you can apply them all you want without much effect. Their fragrances may not be sufficient to keep bacteria under your armpits in check so that you’d need a prescription deodorant. But maybe you don’t need a prescription if you have an antiperspirant of clinical strength that can also address the bacteria under your armpits.

Antiperspirants also address bacteria

What most people don’t know is that it’s not the sweat itself that gives it a funny odour. The reason for unpleasant sweat smells is bacteria that naturally live on your skin under the armpit. Your sweat contains fats and acids which then react with the bacteria. Deodorants only take care of the bacteria and mask other smells with different fragrances. The best antiperspirant for excessive sweating takes care of bacteria growth as well as the production of sweat. 

They keep you fresh for 48 hours

A normal deodorant you can apply at any given time when you feel like it, but it only lasts for about 24 hours. The best antiperspirant for excessive sweating provides you with a fresh feeling for up to 48 hours. That means you only have to apply it once and be fine for the remaining time. In turn, the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating saves you quite some cash. Imagine how often you’d have to buy new deodorant if you have to apply it several times a day.

Perfect also for synthetic fibres 

Unfortunately, it has become the norm to produce more clothes with synthetic fibres. They are cheap to produce and will look great for years to come while there’s no need to iron them. On the downside, synthetic fibres hold onto sweat and trap odours. The odours can also be hard to get rid of when you wash clothes made of synthetic fibres. That’s how much these fibres trap any odours. With the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating, you will have no trouble with synthetic fibres anymore. As it keeps you from sweating, there’s nothing for the fibres to hold onto.

Best option when wearing tight clothing

Yes, we all do want to show our amazing body contours. But tight clothing such as a close-cut blouse makes things worse for sweating. As the blouse fits very tightly, there’s friction occurring under your armpits which then makes you sweat more than usual. The tight fit grabs onto the moisture of your sweat and traps it along with the odour. Your amazing outfit wouldn’t be as amazing anymore, would it? With the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating, you can counteract friction due to tight clothing. Like with synthetic fibres, the fibres of your blouse (be it cotton or linen) can’t hold onto anything either. That’s how you maintain your perfect look throughout the whole day!

Parting words

Even though you might be at the gym where everyone breaks a sweat, sweat rings under your armpits remain unsightly. The odours will be trapped in your clothing and you may have to carry around the smelly, sweaty clothing all day. We all go to the gym to look better and to become more healthy. But we also want to maintain our look and sweat spots won’t help it. Apply the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating the night before you go to the gym and you’ll look amazing during the most intense workouts. 

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