Quintrex 390 Outback Explorer Perfect Boat for Yamaha Outboard Lovers


Purchasing a new boat can be fascinating, puzzling, and excruciating. With so many differences between brands on the market, even seasoned boaters must ensure they encompass all the bases. One of the first stages in identifying the perfect boat for your preferred fishing or boating activity is determining whether you require aluminium or a fiberglass boat. 

Well, Brisbane Yamaha is the quintessential authorized service centre that can offer you best deals on Quintrex 390 Outback Explorer, Yellowfin, Baysport Boats and a lot more.

An Overview

The Quintrex Explorer line provides unrivaled quality and reliability for those of us who enjoy fishing and exploring waterways. Quintrex Explorers, with their flat main deck, are ideal for weekend getaways. The Cartopper designs will even accommodate on the roof shelves of the majority of automobiles.

Quintrex Hulls are the industry leader in aluminum boat layouts. The award-winning Blade Hull, which is unique to Quintrex boats, ensures greater lift, allowing the boat to take off quickly. Quintrex’s differential dead-rise hull has a snappier entry point to cut through chop and provide a gentler ride.

Quintrex aluminium boats are recognized for their advancement, thoroughness, and high-quality performance. Not only are there numerous customization options available, but there are also numerous hulls and canopies of different colors to ensure that your investment stands out from the crowd.

Are Quintrex Hulls Superior?

Quintrex’s boats have innovative hulls that outperform the competition in the market. Because of our remarkable ability to expand from aluminium, we can create forms previously only possible in fiberglass, resulting in the smoothest, driest riding aluminium boats in the industry.

Quintrex’s broad collection enables you to realize your full boating potential by providing unrivaled flexibility and effectiveness. The Apex Hull is the foundation of the spectrum, which features a broader, sweeping chine design to improve rough water success.

About Brisbane Yahama

Decades of expertise and skill development have resulted in it being one of the most dependable boats in the country. Believe that you can go miles off the coast. A solid reputation is earned through consistent client satisfaction and exceeding the needs and expectations. This is what Brisbane Yamaha is known for.

We have great offers on Yamaha outboard motors, as well as the complete line of:

  • Quintrex
  • Fiberglass Baysport,
  • and Yellowfin plate boats

We are the biggest retailer in Australia for Quintrex aluminium boats and the Baysport fiberglass boat variety. Brisbane Yamaha manages to sell more outboards than anybody else in Australia and is also the northside’s foremost officially approved Yamaha outboard service department. Our fully fitted workshop can assist any brand of outboard, and our in-house trim shop produces Australian mufflers.

We build the biggest boats at a price that will meet your needs without sacrificing safety, authenticity, or aesthetics.


Brisbane Yamaha has long been established as “Australia’s Most Trustable” Marine supplier. We provide sensible advice and openly assist our clients in making the most of their sailing experiences.

If you’re in the market for a new or even used boat, contact us anytime to get information.

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