Quick 5 Tips for Your Biology Exam Class 11th


Well, studying for a biology class can appear overwhelming, but it does not really have to be. In case you follow a couple of simple steps, studying for biology is going to be less stressful and more pleasant.

The way you work hard, pay attention to ncert solutions for class 11 biology and do your practice too; having some tips in hand would be really helpful for you. After all, there are always students who feel that they worked really hard but they didn’t get the scores they expected. Also, there are students who feel that they are good at their studies but even then, they fail to prepare well. If you are having such things bothering you then the tips shared in this post are meant for you.

1. Start early

If you think that you would study biology when the exams are nearing, it would be a mistake for sure. Biology has the segments and concepts that would demand proper understanding. And if you would bother your mind at the time of exam to start the subject from the scratch, it would be a sure ruin. You need to be sure that as the session begins, you start studying biology properly and attentively. Here, remember, that the concepts of biology you learn in class 11th are going to be helpful for you in the future too if you look forward to sit in medical entrance exams down the lane. So, work on your biology subject like a marathon and not like a sprint.

2. Take biology Practice tests

No matter how good are you at this subject, if you are going to be overconfident, it could be devastating for you. You need to be thoughtful about how you work on yourself and then work attentively. Here, if you take up proper practice tests every week or once in fifteen days too right from the beginning, you are going to prepare the subject in the way it should be done. The point is simple, practice tests would help you understand how well you are doing at the subject. You would know where you are going right and where you are still weak. So, it is one key to get good marks at the exam.  Also, not to miss that practice tests would keep you truthful about your progress and hence, you can always upsurge or downsize  your prep accordingly.

3. Ask for help from professionals

Now, if you have teachers, make sure that you talk to them and find out the solutions for your problems. If you are studying biology and you are not sure about a specific segment or concept, do not leave that doubt sit there. Make sure that you get the answer for it and clear all your doubts. Once you  have all your doubts clear, you can perform really well and better. The point is doubts are the infections that can plague your performance during the test. The sooner you clear your doubts related to any or every segment of biology, the better you can prepare and perform. Indeed, not just biology, in any subject clearing your doubts is immensely important. Here, one more thing, taking help from the professionals like teachers or tutors at the right time can save you time, effort and a lot of unnecessary burden.

4. Quality material is a must

If you feel that you are not having the right material for your prep, you should look for it. Though ncert books are enough for your prepare. But even then, you want some more compiled and easily sequenced material stuff for your prep, make sure you use it.  However, you need to be sure that the material you use for your prep is good and effective. Here, what you can do is you can check out a good platform like Infinity Learn and it might get you all the solutions and materials for your biology class 11th. After all, the material you read for your prep has to be good and effective. If the material is not good, your preparation is destined to be shallow only. So, work on your material and then prepare. If the material you use that is not qualitative, it might not help you prepare well.

5. Revision plays a crucial role

Finally, many students feel that once they have studied the different concepts and chapters of biology, they are good to go for the test. However, it is not the reality. When you start preparing for your biology exam right from the beginning, you may find it fading from your mind be the time of exam. The point is prepared and make sure that you revise before the test. Once you do the revision, you make sure that the concepts on your mind are clear and fresh in your mind at the time of writing your exam.


To sum up, once you keep  all the discussed tips in mind and  follow ncert biology class 11 pdf chapter wise, you would do good at it.

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