Questions To Ask Yourself When Preparing For Family Mediation


Mediation is a structured communication process where both parties get positive outcomes with the mediator’s help. The process involves solving critical issues such as separation, child support, division of assets and finances, and much more.

When you are mentally preparing for a mediation, you should ask some questions, which will help you take proper steps.

What is the outcome I am looking for?

When you are separating, and the child custody remains with you, you may want to earn more to support your children. If your kids are small and not self-dependent, your parenting schedules are also to be checked. You should be able to make your mediator understand what outcome you are looking for.

What shall be the effect on the other parent?

You should understand and be empathetic towards your partner. They may want to spend time with children, but the work schedule does not allow them to do so. You should be concerned about the impacts and should discuss with your mediator some solutions for them.

Am I being focused on children? If yes, how?

You would most likely want to provide a better future for your children. So, you will decide whether to stay home or keep your children in daycare. You will discuss whatever you decide with your mediator to get better solutions with the improved communication system. You will get tips for preparing for mediation, and the mediator will be able to answer all your queries after understanding your situation.

What Will Be The Effect On The Children?

The couples may be worried about their financial situation, and they may be working late hours. But the children require time from their parents for positive growth and development. So when you decide to separate, you should discuss with your mediator a better schedule where you will work and give your children time.

What Are The Other alternatives?

You may be stuck between staying at home or getting a job. Your mediator will help you look through alternatives where you are not compromising your career and spending quality time with your children.

What is Going to Happen If My Partner and I Do Not Agree?

Mediators do not know magic and make everything possible for you. They are humans who will only help facilitate improved communication between you and your partner. They will clear all the misunderstandings and help you to make positive decisions. They will neither force any decision on you nor provide any perspectives on their own. You and your partner need to take the final call, so disagreements will never solve any dispute.


Family mediation is a process that should be functioned with you, your partner, and the mediator. As you have the power to decide on child support, division of finances, and other critical matters regarding the separation, you should take full benefit from the process. Before going to the mediator, you should ask yourself questions to understand your interests and needs during the entire process.

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