A public defender is usually assigned to you by the court when a defendant cannot afford to appoint a private attorney. A defendant can request a public defender at no cost whatsoever. The only problem might be that you have no choice at picking your defender, and if the defender does an unsatisfactory job, chances are that you may not be able to replace them. Moreover, we should look over the statistics given by The US department of justice: Statistics show that 60-90% of defendants cannot possibly afford a private attorney; therefore they often have to depend on the court to assign them a public defender. Here’s the reason why you should not rely your fate on the hands of a public defender:

  • Public defenders might have a lot of experience, but they are acutely overworked and underpaid. Each year they handle around 500 cases even though the maximum recommended is not more than 150 felony cases. 
  • They have a huge number of clients and practically no time to meet up and talk with them. Hence, unlike what they show on TV, you might just meet your public defender for a few measly minutes before demanding you to choose a plea. They are spread too thin all over the legal system to handle any cases delicately. 
  • They might even gloss over important details or simply not appear for a hearing, even if they are good public servants. A Private defender, on the other hand, might cost you more, but their services will ultimately satisfy you. The advantages of a private attorney are limitless:

It is always best to choose your own attorney based on the record of their prolific works. It works in your favor as you have higher chances of facing no jail time. 

  • Private lawyers have more focused caseloads, often having more time to spend with clients. This communicative process builds an operational defense without missing out on important information and flaws of the prosecutor. These flaws, if stated correctly, can get a charge dismissed without the need for a trial. 
  • A private defender might have paralegals and other staffs to track down details and pieces of evidence, such as CCTV footage and more.

In order to hire the best defender available, you need to be freed first. Opting for bail will give you the perfect time and opportunity to choose your own lawyer. Different states have different bail bonds agency. If you are in California, you can rely on a Sacramento bail bondsman to avoid paying a hefty amount upfront to get the bail. One has to provide only 10-15% of it while the rest is put up as collateral. 

When the bail request is initialized, the judge will decide a date for another hearing. The date and time are consented to by all the parties involved. These will give you plenty of time and rest to recover mentally and select a private defense attorney. In any case, you and your lawyer must never miss a hearing otherwise it will affect your collateral for forfeiting bail conditions.

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