Promotion of a Youtube channel for beginners


YouTube channel promotion is a whole range of measures to optimize and promote a brand on video hosting and beyond. In this article, we will analyze in detail how to prepare and design a channel, add videos correctly and in what ways you can promote a channel on YouTube.

Why businesses choose YouTube.

YouTube is a video hosting service with a 2 billion audience that spits out a huge amount of new content every day.

Users: 56% are men, 44% are women. YouTube is the second most visited site on the Internet. The total number of daily views is over a billion hours. Viewers aged 18 spend 42 minutes a day on the site. 40.9% of the total time is spent on mobile devices. 72% of people used the site for sports. 70% of viewers bought a product by watching the brand’s videos on the YouTube platform.


The platform helps to solve a number of tasks:

Build brand awareness. Increase the number of conversions. Increase the company’s revenues. … Educate and entertain viewers. … Solve user problems.

What parameters influence hitting trends.

There are a few key points that help videos hit YouTube trends:

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Correct semantics. High-quality video. The ability to interest the user in the first 10-15 seconds. Updating the channel with different content formats. The right choice of titles, descriptions and previews.

Now let’s figure out how to prepare a channel for promotion.

How to prepare a channel for promotion.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the first steps – what you need to do before you even start channeling.


First, you need to develop a strategy and formulate a goal – what exactly do you want to achieve from running a YouTube channel. Will it be, for example, a commercial project with monetization, or you are pursuing charitable goals – without any obligatory benefit for yourself.

Answer a few questions:

“What will my channel be about?” – when entering your page, a person should immediately understand where he got to and what information he can get.

“Why will they watch it?” – Study your competitors and find out what USP they use and how they attract users. The audience should understand why your channel is cooler than a hundred others on similar topics. For example, why your content on aquarium fish farming is better than that of a leading fishmonger. It can be a more interesting presentation with a beautiful shot or a simple explanation without professional terms.

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“Who is my channel for?” – define your target audience. Compile and study the portraits of users: what are their interests, pains, how they cope with problems and who they consider their idol. This will help you always deliver relevant content as well as communicate with people in the same language.

“What criterion is my goal achievement?” – if you have a highly specialized channel about a business, then 1000 targeted views will be enough to find clients or become an expert among users who will be invited by bloggers and companies. And if you have entertainment content, you already need millions of views and ad integrations to generate income on the site.

Channel topic.

First of all, it should be of interest to you, so that over time the enthusiasm and desire to run the channel do not disappear. Look at popular bloggers or those who started in 2010 – they can easily understand the dynamics of development of experts, their interests and the direction they set for their channel and subscribers.

Choose a topic that you understand – hobbies, work moments or interests. This may be something you just started or want to get better at. And already from the general topic, find ideas for future videos.

Content plan.

The content plan should include search queries that will help users not only find you faster, but also get useful information. Choose a topic with a large audience reach, from which you can create serial videos, thereby showing your expertise and involving the viewer in watching the next episodes.

Use the following data from sources to create a content plan.

Search queries through Google Trends services.

Important! Find out what tools you can use to find YouTube video ideas.

For example, check the topic on Google Trends. We’ve covered the topic of “cooking” for 12 months and in a YouTube search. The dynamics of its popularity does not have sharp changes, which means that it is relevant in any season.

YouTube hints.

You need to go to the video hosting, enter a topic or question in the search bar and look at the tips – they are formed based on recent requests from users.

Information from competitors’ channels.

Analyze your direct and indirect competitors, watch their videos, tags, titles and descriptions, as well as explore the options for the design of the channel and videos.

For example, you have a channel about copywriting training. Below is a screenshot of a direct competitor – the author has prepared a free text writing course. Look at the tags, description, video editing and how the author tells the material and mentions the keywords in the video.

Ideas from your channel.

Revisit popular topics on your channel and think about options for how you can modernize and improve videos that you haven’t covered yet or where you could expand the topic more broadly. For example, if you have a vlog, you can show how your life has changed since the last video was released. And if the channel is about good nutrition – to make videos with step-by-step recipes or conduct research, study ways to heat food and evaluate its results with an expert.

Questions from customers and subscribers.

These can be questionnaires under the video or on your social networks.

Ideas from trends on video hosting – section “Navigator”

Choose a video from your topic or the one that seemed most interesting to you. Watch it, study the content and think about how you can modernize the idea and apply it to your channel. If the video was shot by a blogger that your audience is watching, try filming a video with your reaction to this content.

Thematic sources.

Which directly or indirectly relate to the topic of the channel – sites, films, books, and the like. Look at what the authors write about, what users are asking, what topics are in the “Interesting” sections, and so on.

Choose days for posting – videos should be released regularly, especially in the early stages: it can be one or two videos a week. You can choose the time yourself or consult with your subscribers, as well as see in YouTube statistics on which day and hour your channel has more views.

Don’t forget about the seasonality of your requests. For example, it is better to talk about winter goods at the end of summer or in autumn. If you have a career outreach project, the most popular searches are at the end and beginning of the calendar year.

The content plan can be kept in Excel or Google Sheets, or you can connect special services that are implemented in the calendar format.

In the plan, it is important to indicate the date and time of the release of the material, the title of the video, the playlist, the description for it and additional materials: tags, links, promotion actions.

In order to attract your audience, alternate topics. Show useful content between your ads.

And how to design a channel and what chips to use for promotion to buy youtube views, we will tell you in the following articles. Follow our blog.

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