Product 3D modeling as part of SMM promotion


When you watch a movie or something on television these days, the real is indistinguishable from virtual objects. Take a car commercial or an Ikea commercial. Chances are that everything is virtually counterfeit and that you have never noticed this before. But how exactly is this made?

What is 3D?

Three-dimensional, also called 3D, is: depth, width and height. This allows you to perceive something spatially. The term 3D is used in different ways and can therefore be confusing at times. For example, you have 3d product modeling, 3D films that, by means of a ‘trick’, make you believe that there is depth in a film, but that the film was actually shot in 2D. The term is also used in computer games and animations, among other things. This means that it is made in 3D perspective. To do this you need special 3D programs.

3D program

First you will have to choose a 3d modeling and rendering services that you want to work with. There is plenty of choice in 3D programs. You have free programs, but also paid programs including 3Ds Max, Maya etc. I work with 3Ds Max myself, but each program is based on roughly the same principles and will all have their own working method. If you’re a beginner, I’d recommend Blender simply because it’s a free program that’s great for practice.

How does it work?

A 3D object consists of a series of points fixed at the x, y, and z coordinates. For example, a simple shape such as a cube consists of 8 points, but a complicated shape can quickly contain thousands (or more). The more points you have, the more detailed the object will be, but also the harder it will be to calculate for a computer.

Because your screen is flat, it can be difficult to make a 3D object. That is why different views are used. Usually these are the front view, side view, top view and a perspective view. To make things even easier, you can rotate your mouse around the object. This way you can create different objects for your scene.

Product Development

Product development occurs when a company starts to sell a new product in an existing market. An attempt is made to sell additional products to existing customers through cross-selling. In this way, a company gets more turnover from existing customers. In this way you can also ensure that your customers do not need to buy products from competitors, so that you can bind them more to you.

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An improved version of an existing product or service counts as product development, or the creation of more variation in your product line by making small adjustments to the existing product. Innovation is especially important for this strategy: a company must dare and be able to invest in this. In addition, CRM is important, so that you can actually sell the new products to your existing customers.


A company that currently only sells televisions may reach its target audience more widely. The company will offer additional services for the existing target group. For example, a company can also start selling 3D glasses that are suitable for televisions. In the external analysis, for example, you can check whether there is a trend in the market.

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