Every year numerous Olympiads or competitive exams are conducted across the nation. In these Olympiads, students have to compete with thousands of students from hundreds of schools. Thus, the competition becomes quite tough. There are Olympiads related to various subjects such as science Olympiad, cyber Olympiad, Mathematics Olympiad, English Olympiad, social studies olympiad and many more. They help to explore such talents which exist at the school level. They provide a great platform for these genius masterminds. 

The objective behind conducting these Olympiads is to enhance students’ logical reasoning, problem-solving and analytical skills. It examines practical knowledge and conceptual understanding of that particular subject. They help students to explore and analyze their potential, abilities and give them a chance to grow mentally and academically. Therefore, it is highly advocated for school students to look forward to such exams. Recognition you get by giving these exams is another advantage.

Once you know the benefits of appearing for the Olympiad, you would think about how to start preparing for these along with continuing your regular school studies. To clear these exams and outshine with a meritorious score, you would need to make a proper plan and stick to it. 

In this article, we would focus on how to prepare for the class 10 Mathematics Olympiad. Follow these given points:


Before starting preparing for the Olympiad, one must go through the topics and content the exam will be based on. So, every student needs to be aware of the syllabus. Secondly, keep in mind the paper pattern before starting your preparation. It would help you to know the number of questions asked,  about various sections, maximum marks and negative marking, duration of exam etc.


It is rightly said that if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.  Plan the right timetable and balance it with your school studies. Try to devote more time to the hard topics. It will make your studies more systematic and organized. An effective timetable will take you one step forward to excel in your exam. Cover all the topics and chapters well before the exam.


There would be tons of formulas, derivations and shortcut ways, so keep writing them separately for future reference.  Keep your formula sheets handy and revise them daily. At Least devote half an hour for revision of these formulas.  Build deep knowledge of concepts.


Firstly, complete your Math NCERT thoroughly and that will help you build a base. The practice previously asked questions. Solve RD Sharma and elements. Make your concepts crystal clear. After completing a chapter practice as many questions as you can to ensure that you understood it well. MTG OLYMPIAD WORKBOOKS provide the most meticulous content.


don’t leave these topics for last. There is a separate section for reasoning. Many students usually lose their marks here. They are very time consuming and complicated. Try to find shortcuts for solving these types of questions. They will help you during the exam.


If you won’t be able to manage your time, all your efforts would go to waste. Solve sample papers and give mock tests in a restricted period. Don’t get nervous during the exam and avoid silly errors while calculating the answer. BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR CALCULATION.

7. Go through the previous year questions

What is also needed is an analysis of the above listed 4 sections. This is because one should know how to solve the paper properly. Previous year papers and IMO Sample question papers for class 10th can make a huge difference in studies. Also, the difficulty level of the paper is an important task that can be achieved by going through these previous year question papers. Another thing one can do is pick up previous year papers once you are done with the full syllabus of the exam. Solving the previous year questions is an effective way to revise and know the questions that are repeated frequently. For best results, it is good if you maintain a file or a folder that contains previous year papers so at the end you don’t have to end up searching for them all everywhere.

8. Health & Mental health 

Overpressure can also make them feel demotivated and fearful towards studies. Parents and teachers should only encourage the students that have a genuine interest in the subject. Other students can be made to develop an interest in the olympiad and only then be made to prepare for it. Also eating healthy, exercising and playing is important for scoring well. Hence make sure that the child is doing all other activities to remain fit. Overall the mental health of the child should not suffer as age is crucial for developing good mental health and also interest in studies


You won’t require to join any extra tuitions or coaching classes for the Olympiad if you follow the above steps. All you need is to stay focused and healthy. Don’t get stressed and study calmly. Cover all the topics timely and keep enough time for revision.  Your study material should be authentic and reliable. Good study material will provide the right and appropriate path to succeed in the Olympiad. 

Eventually, this will help you to improve your routine class performance as well as help you to test your reasoning power and logical thinking. It also cultivates a habit of dedicated and consistent studies. So, Put your time and efforts on the right path, right now and watch you succeed with flying colours.

IMO is a good step for students and their future. Schools and parents should help students to work towards this. The interest in studies is retained and students develop the right abilities to perform well in the subject. It should also be known that students must be encouraged to develop the right competitive spirit and not compare their performance with that of their school friends. Peer pressure is not at all good and will only pull down the confidence of students. Hence taking the competition healthily is most important.

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