Post Covid-19: Key Points in Return to Work Plan


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the economy worldwide since it led to the shutdown of most businesses. Most countries over the world have been under lockdown for the longest duration. 

Business personals are planning to return to work as local and federal leaders think of when and what measures they should implement to make people resume working safely. Therefore, the employers are supposed to come up with a post-covid-19 return to work plan, which is likely to vary depending on their geography and workforce. 

This article will make you more informed on how to develop a return to work plan.

The Workplace After COVID-19: New Normal

Most employees need to contemplate how their employees will resume working with the Covid-19 pandemic. The fact that coronavirus is still with us requires that enterprises provide their workers with quality and healthy working places to protect them from contracting the disease. Therefore, as an employer, you need to think creatively and develop a return-to-work plan that favors your workers.

Developing a return to work plan

Covid-19 risk assessment

It is a must that your entire employees undergo a Covid-19 risk assessment. 

In case they fail to undergo this process, they will be going against the health & safety law. According to your business, you should know what kind of risks are likely to undermine your business and implement measures that are likely to minimize such risks. 

Bear in mind that you cannot consider all measures, but you can achieve those that are practicable and reasonable. 

When your return to work plan entails the Covid-19 risk assessment, it means you can easily reduce the spread of coronavirus at your workstation.

Establishing hygiene protocols

When developing a return to work plan, it is appropriate that you consider establishing hygiene protocols via implementing the basic prevention measures

It would help if you prepared to educate your employees on the primary measures of minimizing the spread of Covid-19. You need to enhance excellent hygiene practices. 

You can achieve this properly by providing your customers, visitors, and employees a place to wash their hands. It is also essential that you regularly clean your environment and disinfect. This will enhance productivity and reduce how fast the coronavirus spreads.

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Maintaining proper social distancing guidelines

In case you are developing a plan on how to resume working, you need to put across the proper maintenance of social distancing guidelines. 

This bases mostly on the employer; to foster and maintain proper social distancing guidelines, you have to enhance the open workplace configuration. On the other hand, you can install physical barriers in your common areas. 

You need to ensure that you implement measures that maintain proper social distancing guidelines since it is the primary way to minimize the spread of Covid-19. It is also recommended that you minimize in-person meetings; this will help your business boom once more.

Providing personal protective equipment (PPE)

As you plan to go back to work, you must develop a plan or schedule to ensure that your employees, visitors are safe. You can excellently achieve this by providing personal protective equipment (PPE). 

This ensures that they all maintain personal hygiene. These PPE includes alcohol wipes, hand sanitisers, gloves, and facial masks. Additionally, you can build a handwashing station at your workstation. 

When this measure is implemented correctly, it minimizes the spread of Covid-19.

Flexible scheduling approaches

You must create a collaborative and flexible work environment to allow for easier innovation. This is possible through the acquisition of IT tools and infrastructure. 

It will encourage flexibility at work for your employers hence enhancing productivity and minimizing the Corona virus’s spread.

Manage employee numbers

In your plan, you need to consider the number of employees resuming work since when multiple employees work from a shared workstation, they risk contracting Covid-19 quickly. This also enhances the spread of coronavirus at your workplace. 

Managing your employees’ numbers is a primary way of protecting and enhancing a healthy working environment for your workers. Besides, note that the higher the number, the higher the risk of spreading Covid-19. 

Ensure that you play with the number of your employees as you plan to return to work. You can have a rotating schedule to reduce the number of employees working during the same day.

Minimizing non-essential visitors

Many employers find it difficult to minimize the number of visitors at their premises. However, they need to ensure that this falls under their development plan since it promotes a healthy working environment and ensures that their employees are not at risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus. 

It is good that your protocols are enumerated and explained before the entry point. This will limit the number of times they are planning to visit your premises. To ensure that you achieve this successfully, you need to maintain your visitors’ record book. Most visitors are stubborn; this requires you to be strict to implement this measure.

Dividing staff into groups and rotating attendance at work

The employers are recommended to divide their employees into groups and enhance a rotating attendance at their workstation. 

You need to ensure that all the roles at your workplace are appropriately covered; this also helps you enhance social distance among your employees. Additionally, when you have a limited number of workers at your workstation, it is easy to implement a 2 or 1-meter distancing. 

This plays a crucial role in ensuring that you reduce the spread of Covid-19 at your workplace. It also shows how you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your employees are safe and productive.

Limit the use of certain facilities 

When developing the work plan, you need to make sure that it limits the use of certain facilities at your premises, such as gyms, kitchens, copying rooms, stockrooms, and lifts. If possible, you should close spaces that are too small to enhance social distancing.

Update the Health insurance protocols and seek leaves

The HR staff needs to ensure that the health insurance protocols of their employees are updated. This also applies to the employer; at least ensure that your employees utilize their wellness, health, and leave benefits to maintain their health and help them recover from the coronavirus if they contract the disease.

Create a plan for a potential re-exit

It is essential that you also have a guideline on re-exit and not only focus on going back to work. You can create a potential re-exit plan if only you resume work in phases; this will help you get actual-time feedback. Ensure that you consider this on your return to work plan.

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Based on the above key points in return to work plan you can confidently return to work bearing in mind that your company safeguards the employees, and it is ready to implement measures to fight the spread of Covid-19 via a developed return to work plan.

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