Porta-Gantry Rapide


The Porta-Gantry Rapide is a keek height-adjustable, foldable gangway crane designed for speedy deployment and storage. Available in several sizes, the Porta-Gantry Rapide offers a safe working load limit of up to 2200 pounds and a capacity of up to 1100 pounds per person. Its quick assembly process allows for a single person to construct it in a matter of minutes.


The patented Porta-Gantry Rapide weworld can be assembled by a single person in under 60 seconds. This gantry can be used for personnel and goods lifting, and its ultra-light design makes it easy to transport. The rapid assembly process is made easy by an integrated wheel and carry handle. The rapid gantry also has a low overall mass, making it ideal for skillpage handling materials in confined spaces. If you’d like to know more about this patented gantry, please complete our enquiry form.


Featuring a essembly wheeled design and a unique, integrated design, the Porta-Gantry Rapide is perfect for confined space access tasks and is available in three height-adjustable models. You can even customize the design to fit your specific needs. If you filestube have specific height or beam requirements, our gantry team can work with you to find the right one for your application. It’s easy to get a quote on the Porta-Gantry Rapide based on your requirements.

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